yukino78 reviewed Prologue on Sep 13, 2010 06:35 AM [Report This]

whoa!!! awesome lilith!!!!
hehehe...drunk txting tali...omg...so funny! that reminds me of my friend...hahahahahaha
Author's Response: LOL People always drunk text =D it's the funnest isn't it? You feel like you can say anything XD. Glad you liked it yuki <3 Ilu for reviewing my deary. I hope you enjoy the next chapter and it lives up to your hopes =D

Ooper reviewed Prologue on Sep 13, 2010 04:04 AM [Report This]

*forgets how to coherently talk* THIS IS AMAZING. *goes on babbling and drooling* I want more SOON Lillith!!!
Author's Response: LMFAO. Tali you so awesome. Hehehe don't hate me but you're probably the most party girl in this story. XD. In my head it made the most sense to put you there. <3 It's cause I love you so much =D So look forward to it. Your wish is my command XD. <3 Thanks so much for reviewing *bows like an awesome Japanese person because she's been practicing XD*

Christine reviewed Who Wants To Be Alone on Sep 13, 2010 02:39 AM [Report This]

Ah man I loved all the friend's interventions to help me [can I use me? XD] to get over profession Nagase! and omg Nagase?
How did you know he was the only older guy I would totally do it with lol! [apart form Kimura Takuya who is just plain sexy and well...married :(]
I loved Jess' intervention! ahaha it felt so real!
And Bam!!! poor Bam but I'm glad she yelled at me [I did it again XD]
I loved Talia in here...its so like her and omfg STRIP CLUB!
This is awesome I can't wait for more seriously can't wait!
Thank you so much for writing this, it seriously means a lot to me!
Girl I hope your man comes on soon! ;D
less than three!!!
Author's Response: I'M GLAD YOU CAN'T WAIT CAUSE IT'S UP T.T I'm sorry it came up like 10:59 T.T Yes lololol it would be weird for me to read Christine from Christine so please refer to yourself in first person. LOL cause you told me! I debated and in my head Nagase is cuter. He has a more rugged look so he got the role XD. Sorry I made him so mean! T.T Jess's was probably the most legit XD. Yeah Bam got the bad Christine T.T It was either her or B for that one so I chose Bam cause I wanted Ryo to be in the interventions too <3 and he couldn't be in your breakdown scene. LOL I think Talia probably has the secondary plot in this story. So you'll get to see a lot more of her. I'm glad you think so <3 Just bear with the boring parts. I promise it'll pick up (and get happy =D and then sad T.T and then- mystery o.o?) MY MAN'S HERE BTW! I finally wrote myself in XD. Awkward but fun. LESS THAN THREE. =D thanks for reviewing beloved.

Christine reviewed Prologue on Sep 07, 2010 10:47 AM [Report This]

Oh my effin...This was bloody amazing and we are only on the prologue
I can't tell you how much this means to me, not because this story has ME! but...because YOU are the one writing it so it means so much to me Lillith you have no idea *cry* [HAPPY TEARS]
I will always support you lillith you know you are one of the few authors I follow on here! and one of the few authors I read EVERYTHING you post lol so yeah ILY man less than three
Also, I feel privileged to be your reader and friend so consider us even ;)
girl seriously I love your dark stuff and I'm actually hoping there will be some angst ;)
Ok going to comment on the actual text now xD
Gah Shige....so hot as a firefighter ;)
Yamapi as a hot vampire...oh mah gawd...I would so react to him like that and also I'm curious to know about what kind of relationship they have hmmmm
oh and girl I wouldn't make you wait 3 days to marry Toma...we would have a double wedding! ;)
Love you and please PLEASE update soon! :D
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