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Star_Dust 23 reviewed Intentions: Kiss on Jan 11, 2015 01:44 AM [Report This]

Lilli, why do you do this to me??? I need to know what happens next! I'm getting gray hairs!!! You're so talented and i love your stories. DON'T MAKE ME TOMATO YOU!!! Please update soon okay? C:

Magzhydfan reviewed Intentions: Kiss on May 12, 2014 03:50 AM [Report This]

How I wish Jun will open more to Mao and give up his revenge. Love each other live happily ever after.

Ame-chan reviewed Intentions: Chew on Apr 27, 2013 07:27 PM [Report This]

Yeah an update !! That was great ! We learn important things about shun and that's not pretty...
Fighting !!
Author's Response: There's definitely more to this than what meets our eyes, (and Jin's and Toma's and Jun's for that matter) So I hope you'll look forward to that part too :D Fighting back! Hope you like the new chapter Ame-chan!

maojun reviewed Intentions: Chew on Mar 26, 2013 02:30 AM [Report This]

yeayyyy! thank you for updating this, sorry for taking a long time to read this, a busy life.. but this really makes my day.. kyaaaa~ i love it how jun is a rough person yet he still did something that makes woman`s heart doki doki even if he does not has intention to do that.. i bet mao will never forget that lips touching incident (can i consider it as kiss).. awwww, cannot wait for your next update! :D
Author's Response: maojun don't even worry. you reminded me you did the best thing of all! I hope your life is going well :D and that it's not keeping you too stressed! I hope the new update makes your day too ^.^ You described it perfectly ^.^ it did make it go a little doki doki neh? (you cannn but there's definitely going to be better scenes you can consider as kisses ;) )

lemg reviewed Intentions: Chew on Mar 20, 2013 05:16 PM [Report This]

Hi !!!
At first I found the idea to make Shun and Erika as Mao's parents kind of weird. But actually now I think that is a very good idea because you can make different stories in one ! So that's pretty good !!! Go on and update soon :D
Author's Response: NEHHH :D I've done this twice XD once in the story Erika and once in Impure Intentions. The whole two plotlines in one story is fun :D because well who wants to read just one plot XD it's so much more fun with more (so long as I don't get confused). But I'm glad you liked it lemg! I hope you enjoy the latest chapter!

Magzhydfan reviewed Intentions: Chew on Mar 19, 2013 04:48 AM [Report This]

Oh I like this unromantic- romantic dinner. I would be laughing watching them doing this to each other. But then I prefer the full on romantic one. Wish Jun will change his strategy so next dinner date will be a romantic one.Why Mao can't remember Jun?
Author's Response: Isn't it fun messing with traditional date settings and putting in two people who are trying very hard to hate each other ^.^? I'd be laughing too XD Hmm well for Mao not remembering he's just a childhood friend who went away you know? She never really thought about him much after that, plus she doesn't know how he grew up or what he went through...and she doesn't make the connection that he knows her (though she's starting to think all of this is very strange so she will start making connections now :D) As for full on romance ^.- the strategy has definitely changed...but I can't spoil it for you cause I always feel guilty doing that so I hope you'll just enjoy the new strategy :D!

maohartjun reviewed Intentions: Chew on Mar 11, 2013 10:10 PM [Report This]

omg this is totally overdue but I forgive as its an update that I was happy to read haha.

Seriously these two are giving me wrinkles cause of all the angst that is going on between their hormones well unbeknownst to them yet hehe. Mao-chan thinks that whatever he does is a criminal act whereas Jun is doing this all for revenge!! Now the best part is when will Mao finally realise the truth that she knows Jun.......

So her daddy is a crook, but maybe just maybe there might be some good in him. I just would like to know what really happened between him and Jun's dad.

Okay that bread bit sounds eew but if you replace that with another image haha its really orgasmic. I just love these angst kind of sexy explosive feelings between these two (okay hope this wasn't too confusing but you get what I mean haha).

Now I HOPE really HOPE that the next update won't be tooooooo long a wait.....
Author's Response: I'm glad yayy :D *forgive me again T.T??* Dwdw some of their hormones (at least on one side) get a little break this chapter. Mao is a little dense but you can't really blame her neh? I mean I have childhood friends who've just mysteriously vanished from my life but I never really think much about them. Unfortunately Jun is like that for her :( :D i'm glad I actually have people interested in the dad plotline :D cause the next chapter after this one that's just updated is all about the dads and the past :D LOLLLL i love that you used that adjective. I get scared using that adjective but it's exactly what I'm thinking half the time when I'm writing. I'm like 'this scene must make fangirls go :OOOOO*. I'm totally with you on the angsty sexy feelings ^.^ those are my favourite stories too. Unfortunately I suck :( so it was a bit of a wait but I hope you like it love!

biniBningPunkista reviewed Intentions: Chew on Mar 08, 2013 12:31 PM [Report This]

This latest chapter was crazy intense. I like the retribution part and the uncovering of mysteries... although I still couldn't accept the fact that Inoue Shun really killed Jun's dad. hmmmm... story is still unfinished so there may be reasons behind this.

Oh, btw - the chapter title made so much sense now. lolz...
Author's Response: Ahhh there is more to this than meets the eye (both Jun's eye and Shun's eye :D)but you caught it so yayyy :D Shan *props*. There's definitely a reason, this upcoming chapter doesn't really help reveal much about that but there's loads of other emotional hoohaa also yay :D i'm glad you caught it XD *hehehe chew XD*

maojun reviewed Intentions: Threaten on May 29, 2011 10:56 AM [Report This]

for some reasons, i think jun is struggling to hide his feeling to mao.. that`s why he`s reacted violently to mao`s touch.. whoaaa~i hope their dinner will develop some wonderful feeling :)

Ame-chan reviewed Intentions: Threaten on May 20, 2011 09:58 PM [Report This]

Yeah, a new chapter ! Jun and Mao seem to become closer. I like the way you're writing so keep updating !
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