KadanaSorano reviewed A boy and his Cupid on May 08, 2018 09:57 AM [Report This]

Regarding the Author’s note, I didn’t choose to read the story based on its status or lack thereof of BL content; so I am perfectly fine with the twist at the end.

Regarding the story, I chose to read it because the challenge prompt and storyline itself sounded interesting to me. I’m not disappointed; I really enjoyed the story and the chemistry between Cay and Jun. Having Tanaka and Cay turn out to be siblings was a bit unexpected, albeit not completely shocking. But the gender reveal caught me completely off guard and made me laugh a bit.

I have found myself reading mostly BL lately, not intentionally; it just seems to turn out that about 80% of the fics with storylines that I find and want to read happen to be BL. I don’t mind, I do enjoy BL, but too much of anything can make me start to feel a bit saturated. Please Turn Tanaka Buttercup Gay, was a breath of well needed fresh air for me. Thank you for sharing it.

wq123 reviewed A boy and his Cupid on Apr 25, 2018 08:47 AM [Report This]

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