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Christine reviewed The Sex Wizards on Jun 10, 2014 06:50 AM [Report This]

First things first...YOU UPDATEDDDD IM SO HAPPY!
Second I loved this updateeee!!!
Toma is just one fucked up motherfucker but I kind of understand why he doesnt make a move on Lillith...maybe he just knows that he might not be good enough for her and because he cares so much about her he doesnt want to lose her so by keeping her as a friend he's safe...but OMFG HE KISSED HER AND AND AND OMFG SHE SAID THAT OMFG HE MUST HAVE BEEN SO STOMPED!

Lil Daisy reviewed The Sex Wizards on Jun 08, 2014 03:08 AM [Report This]

holll, that was totally hot and angsty. omo when are these two just gonna get it onnnnn?

Lil Daisy reviewed The Fighters on Jun 08, 2014 02:47 AM [Report This]

I dunno the entire fic just cracked me up. too drunk girls, the bouncer. bouncer bitch. tho of course, holing things would end well for poor toma

minhosnoona reviewed The Sex Wizards on Jun 07, 2014 04:26 PM [Report This]

I loved it. Now if Toma could just realize that he is, indeed, in love with Lillith, life would be great!

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed The Talkers on Apr 13, 2014 04:14 AM [Report This]

First I'll start by saying,I love the poster, it's so cute!

And second,I'm so glad I read this! XD

I love how Toma isn't creeped out by her at all, but instead gets an ego boost, it may have a lot to do with the fact that he's drunk,but also think that has a lotto say about his personality too.

The talkers are a bit odd, aren't they? And I think you portrayed them perfectly.

You know thats one of the reasons why I'm afraid to get drunk?(I've never been drunk before by the way, I've actually only drank alcohol once.XD) Any way, I'm afraid I'll be a talker. I'd rather be an angry drunk than a talker.

Anyhoodles, the fact that she kissed his cheek instead of his mouth is just so adorable and innocent.

I can't wait to see their relationship develop!

I loved this chapter, and now I'll move on to the others.^^
Author's Response: thank you boo :D! lol most guys enjoy it when a girl comes up to them (especially an attractive girl) and makes the first move and compliments them. essentially...guys are big princesses deep inside who just want their egos to be stroked XD. (but you're right it does say a lot about his personality but it's also because he's drunk and when you're drunk free love is good love XD) :DD thank you! Yes the talkers are odd T.T as I'm sure you've experienced one of the talkers first hand before. They're a cute little bunch that just can't stop chattering away. But :OOO do you want to try being drunk? It's kind of amazing and horrible at the same time. Nah you'd probably giggle and talk Ceil :D! Or maybe cause you're pretty talkative you might be the silent type :O but def. not angry! Lol...more than her doing that because it was adorable it was because she's wimpy :) <3 but I think we can all relate to that (after all it's hard for girls to make the first move initially neh?) Thank you for reading love ! :D i hope you enjoy the story!

Lil Daisy reviewed The Fighters on Mar 15, 2014 06:10 AM [Report This]

Author's Response: this reply is so late T.T but what were you laughing at boo :O?

Christine reviewed The Fighters on Mar 12, 2014 07:15 PM [Report This]

I wasn't expecting you to update ehehehe

I love this Lillith is so freaking cute and Toma being all *sigh fine I'll be your pretend boyfriend*
Christine is being a little biatch
and lmao the part where they didn't let Toma inside was hilarious.
I loved how Lillith stood up for him like that.
Imma save my biatch you...biatch! hahahaha adorable!
you know i kyaaa-ed at that hahahaha
Author's Response: Thank you bb thank you :D! I spend too much time on posters really >< this one had three versions before I chose this one. She is cute neh? But that's her downfall. He can't take her seriously because he finds her cute too..but not attractive T.T sad neh? Christine is the girl that exemplifies that new saying -> I'm not bossy I'm the boss :DD she is kick ass and will do whatever she wants in whatever way she wants. Lillith on the other hand is more wimpy. (unless she gets passionate and drunk in which case lol she will fight for those she cares for) (And ofc that dumbo didn't kiss her haha it comes back to bite him in the ass this chapter :D) LAZY LILLI UPDATED SOMETHING :D Lazy Lilli hopes you'll like it. Lazy Lilli hopes your date went well! Lazy Lilli wants to hug you! <3 *hugs*

WickedLaw reviewed The Disappearing Acts on Mar 10, 2014 10:54 AM [Report This]

It's really cute! And The dfferent kinds of drunks is a funny idea, specially since she is all of those kinds. Maybe she should consider stop drinking lol. Looking forward to more Toma and Lillith!
Author's Response: Hi WickedLaw! I don't think I've ever introduced myself to you in a review. Cause I suck at review replying most of the time. so hi I'm Lillith! Nice to meet you :)! and LOL the plan was to mix them up -> but yes at the beginning most of them are overwhelmingly our dear female protagonist but Toma will get to be a few of the types too :D. It was the first time I tried out this sequential collection of one shots style and I really like it :O so I might do it again but thank you for your encouragement :D here and at Imbroglio <3! I'm definitely pumped to write more so I hope you'll enjoy all the craziness they're going to partake in. (alsooo LOL she might stop drinking at the end - it's a well known fact that couples consume less alcohol cumulatively than most singles least per HIMYM XD)

Christine reviewed The Disappearing Acts on Mar 06, 2014 06:46 PM [Report This]

omg i loved this!!!
The poster is freaking amazing and the whole act was hilarious!
Lillith freaking out over her phone was fun to read and her drunk friends were NO HELP at all.
i can say i loved the orgy bit kekekekeke AND TOMOLINA! ahahahah
Also THE CUDDLING OMFG I LOVED IT SO MUCH! It just happened so naturally *hearts*
I wonder if Toma noticed her kissing him?
Author's Response: lolll drunk friends are never any help -.- reasons why I don't like staying in hotel rooms with them over night (no one ever sleeps, everyone wants to eat poutine all the time, the club is too close, the neighbours are complaining, there's so much liquor in the room its illegal, people be stealing phones and shit from their friends -.- one time a guy actually got his phone stolen from him at a birthday party in a hotel room like wtf -.- same guy on his birthday we all went out to dinner, some people didn't pay their share so he dropped a good $100 covering everyone at the table) so yes conclusion drunk people = make bad decisions XD LOL you better not! XD but its okay I would too XD who wouldn't want to be in a TomaPi sandwich XD poor Pi and Shun no one was sandwiching them XD Toma's a little too touchy feely XD that's his problem neh XD he's making Lillith want to be touchy feely in another way T.T (lolll we'll find out if he did later XD) It'll come it'll come! Keep calm love <3 XD

Christine reviewed The Dancing Machines on Mar 06, 2014 06:23 PM [Report This]

why didnt I review on this?
the poster is gorgeous :D
the sexual tension between them is growing up to a point where they will eventually be naked and just bursting with hotness hhahaahaha

I love this
Author's Response: Lahhh its okay XDD no rush! I know how busy you are bb <3 Thank you for loving Dancing Machines :D!! I love the poster for it seriously a lot :O just cause it's so active! They don't look like they're posing for pictures neh! Kehhh XDDD yes nakedness will come eventually lololol ty bb for your kind words <33333333
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