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Anna Clair reviewed Peppermint Mocha and Ginger cookie Crumbs on Dec 31, 2013 07:28 AM [Report This]

Omggg you used Rie Meisa and Lillith Deepika Anon Author! How on earth can I choose between two such flawless women :O?

That being said I lol it narrows down the choices I had for who you were when I saw that you put Deepika in :) I haven't actually officially put her in any story I think yet on AFF O.o so you have to be an FB friend for sure :D

Tbh as soon as I finished reading this story I was pretty sure I knew who you were bc not many people call me bb or really lame as it sounds to say this I think care about me enough to do this sort of thing? Yeah okay that sounds pretty lame. I just mean thank you for thinking up this wonderful story and spending the time to write and ask me about prompts and etc. It's a length process and you really didn't have to do it. I kind of already knew right off the bat but for the sake of keeping the anonymity in the case I am a complete idiot and have totally misestimated who you are. (Cause I'm not flawless you know? Humans make mistakes XD)

now for the real review :)

LOL poor Lillith, she's just abused by Toma isn't she? Rie's practically dating her! (well except for you know the actual physical stuff) but boyfriends should take care of most of the romantic stuff on their own :O friends are only allowed input! Not action!

That being said I like the way their friendship played out as they spoke about what to get her and Lillith was like god lol i don't even care XD just buy the bitch jewelry and get it done with bro.

I felt quite bad for Lillith when she was speaking with Christine and letting out all the feelings she had in her heart but at least she can say she has good friends who are willing to give up a Pi in their bedroom to talk to her XD LOLOL. ahhh that's kind of cute for so many reasons. Christine's advice is very sound, Lillith should listen!

I think that it's very realistic the way that Lillith reacted in the situation with Rie! The way you presented it, like Rie did sound like she was almost mocking Lillith and poor girl already goes through so much heartache of her own on her own side so why would she want to take that sort of mockery from some girl she doesn't even know that well! That being said still felt weird reading Rie in a mean character XD but you did a good job with her bro. you did a good job making her believably evil.

Also again, not many people know my favourite starbucks christmas drink :D damn it Chri you're making this very hard for me to say it's not you! HOW CAN IT NOT BE YOU? It must be you. If it isn't author I apologize. I suck, but I didn't realize there are people out there online who know me as well. (Maybe Annie but Annieee you don't writeeeee DAMN IT WHO ARE YOU? Maybe Cherry? I do tell you a lot about Starbucks o.o). No I'm going to stick with my original guess, you are Christine.


Okay so in my head, Rie did a good thing if she'd just told Toma how Lillith felt then Toma would have felt awkward...and probably been weirded out for a while, but by making him choose she made him come to the realization himself on his own feelings and not Lillith's. So really I think she was helping her this way by asking him to choose because she must have known it's always bros before hos (yeye :D i know I'm biased when it comes to Meisa)

OMG omg okay so this scene where she's yelling at him I kept thinking of this scene Deepika did a while back where she's yelling at a guy just kind of like Toma who she's loved for a long time and KYAAA IT WAS SO PERFECT! so perfect, so easy to envision!

AND OMG AAWWWW THAT TITLE XD Love you like that...omg has so many connotations XD so many but it's perfect.

Also thank you to Bossy for making that flawless poster :D it's actually super pretty and omg like dream come true seeing Meisa, Deeps and Toma all together in one picture!!

Once again I just wanna say this was the sweetest thing ever :) and it really cheered my day up. I actually read it the first day it went up but I couldn't get time to review properly so I hope you'll forgive my lateness author-nim. Seriously :) the whole process of this kept perking me up.

Whoever you are (even if all my guesses are wrong) if I can I want to make you happy too ^.^

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