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Kristy reviewed I Got You Babe - Christine & Yamapi on Apr 18, 2014 04:15 AM [Report This]

Hime, your poster-making skills are getting better and better each day! This one's super cute with the gigantic baby and Yamapi's squishy face.

The beginning's super hilarious- Chri's preggers and giving labor and Pi's not even paying attention?! XD He even went back to sleep! I suppose he has slow processing skills. Happens to the best of us, babe!

The part about bedwetting makes me cackle... She's literally minutes/hours away from birthing his child and he's worrying about the age she last bed-wet? Seriously, Pi? Get your priorities straight! *smacks him across the head with a ruler*


"Remember you love him, remember you love him"

Seriously hilarious Hime, you did a great job!!! And they didn't have gas- not surprised, again. Though that man's really nice to let them have a (temporary) free tank of gas! Gas is pretty expensive in Asia and the States, so Pi got lucky today! Probably because of Chri, though. With the baby and all that.

Glad that everything went smoothly at the hospital despite the craziness at home! And giving Pi pain for making her suffer... No more sex? My god, I bet he's literally counting his prayers now XD

Kind of trivial, but I like how you didn't name the baby. Lends to the mystery, you see? End with a happy note instead :)
Author's Response: After aaaalll these months, I'm answering your comments, sorry! Well, when I'm asleep it takes me for ever to process things... I was probably chanelling that lol. To be fair, that age is a little late in life to still be bed wetting :P Well, the no more sex thing... she'll probably change her mind soon, I mean have you seen the guy?? hahahah I did laugh a lot while writing it, so I'm happy it made you laugh too xD And basically I couldn't come up with a name and when I reread it I liked it so, I left the baby nameless, after all it's up to the parents to come up with a name ;P Thank you for commenting!!! *huggles*

Kristy reviewed A Bad Day - Ceil & Soo Hyun on Apr 18, 2014 04:03 AM [Report This]

First of all, let me just say how much I really like your poster! The colors really do work together, and that girl's eyes are so haunted. It's like she's looking into my soul, while Soo Hyun's looking down on here.

Oh, and while we're on a tangent-like topic, I'm going to put this here: I just got a little bit competitive when I read "Ceil and Soo Hyun" until I remembered this is UKISS' Soo Hyun, not actor Kim Soo Hyun. The latter, I'd probably take a bullet for.


Ceil, Ceil. Tsk tsk- being late for your friend? And sleeping in to boot? My dear, you shouldn't have. But at least she's concerned and halfway dressed!

And gross, moldy water dripping onto beautiful Soo Hyun's face? Oh, poor baby! At least he has a friend to take him in, though. And how could that neighbor be so cruel; he'd better pay for the damage!

Cute! "He Who Shall Not Be Named" kind of reminds me of Harry Potter, except this "HWSNBN" is a lot friendlier and to be honest, more attractive than 'Ol Voldy.

Clowns on a train with lights flickering? A single white girl by herself? This sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen. But.... luckily... SOO HYUN IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!

Cute kiss at the end :) And glad for a happy ending! This story was super sweet, literally like a chocolate kiss ^^
Author's Response: Thank you! I'm enjoying making posters more and more xD Hahaha. I'll google the actor later to see who you would take a bullet for.... and I kinda got a storyline when I read that..... Anyway BACK TO THE STORY I hadn't even started reading Harry Potter at the time so I had no idea hahaha. The first time I read you comment I went "huh?" hahahah No horror story this time. But really clowns are scary! *shivers* I'm glad you liked it and thank you for commenting. Luv ya!!

ichigoyamada reviewed I Love Coffee - Yammie & Vic Zhou on Mar 25, 2014 07:44 AM [Report This]

*sigh* I LOVE IT!!! The story, the poster, the whole characters :D
(oh well, you already know xD)

Yammie's character in this story sounds like me xD Like I have never voiced my feelings to anybody, not even to my mom xD

Yammie & Tegoshi talked about soccer KYAAA!!! xD LOL

I should stop xD If not, it'd be really long xD

Thank you again Hime for this story :D *huggles*
Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!! So... I guess I know you by now,huh? hahahaha Of course they talked about football!! Come on, if Tegoshi and you were friends you two would spazz about football all the time hahaha I like long reviews!! hahah Again, I'm just happy you didn't hate it hahah. Thank you for commenting *hugs*

Kristy reviewed The Third Stall - Kristy and Henry Lau on Dec 31, 2013 12:28 AM [Report This]

I remember getting this one! :) And I knew it was you, Hime. Great story, and I love it! The poster looks fabulous, too. Will get around to reviewing the rest of them, promise! ^^
Author's Response: Who else would write you a ghost story? :P

yukino78 reviewed In The Closet - Yuki & Kame on Dec 30, 2013 12:51 AM [Report This]

lol. i remembered this! love the poster!
Author's Response: I'm happy you liked your present xD
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