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Ooper reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Nov 03, 2015 03:54 AM [Report This]

BABE! This is the cutest thing ever. It gave me such butterflies. I love it to pieces. I don't know if I have reviewed before, but I don't care because this is literally amazing and so perfect. Let us write more stories for each other soon! Love you to pieces babe!!!

Tierra reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Oct 14, 2013 02:05 AM [Report This]


SimpleSnow reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Oct 06, 2013 07:35 PM [Report This]

This is so cute! Chri you are such an amazing writer!
And happy birthday Chri! Hope its an amazing one!

cahaya reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Oct 06, 2013 03:03 PM [Report This]

love it...beautifully written ...awesome characters and superb story...keep up the good work and happy birthday chri ...have a wonderful Sunday and take care ^_^ ;)

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Oct 06, 2013 11:13 AM [Report This]

This was super cute!!

I felt bad for Talia in the beginning. Kissing a person you love to help him kiss his girlfriend is a bad idea all around.

It all worked out in the end though! Haruma was a little douche-baggy sometimes though, but all men are sometimes, huh? They just don't get women, even though they think they do. XD

I liked this a lot!

And Happy Birthday Chri! I hope it's an amazing one and you have a wonderful day! *huggles*

Dreamy Luna reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Oct 06, 2013 02:11 AM [Report This]

I think your new nickname should be Saint Bernard because you slobber like one.
OUCH THIS HURTS! Haruma's ego must be bruised! LOL Talia is so straight-forward!!!

My most favorite part was the ending. It was so funny yet cute! I have to admit though that it was crazy of Talia to give kissing lessons to her best friend. She could have ended up hurt. It was like gambling. XD (and sorry to say that to me, Haruma actually cheated on his girlfriend XD) I'm glad that Talia and Haruma ended up together. =D


Anna Clair reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Sep 04, 2013 07:36 PM [Report This]

Lollll I love the kissing scene because it's so true!!! Some guys totally don't know how to kiss because they think they know what women want but they really don't. *shakes head* Haruma and Talia are adorable! (and I loved that Koyama cameo there :O why did she slash his tires :O WHY WHY WHY? )

Lillith and Emma lecturing her is adorable! I love how she was like 'By kissing him?!' XD so true Talia what are you saying!

It did feel like a break up. I still think Haruma sounded a bit douchey when he was all like - oh come on...let's keep kissing...I mean I still like my girlfriend1 But I REALLY wanna kiss you *wiggles eyebrows*. If I was Talia I would have cussed him out! (If I had the balls and wasn't in love with him...if I was in love with him like Talia was then I probably would have reacted like she did :( poor girl)

KYAAAH DOCTOR WHOOOOO!! :( It truly is sad when Talia can't appreciate that. (I know how much she likes that show man)


I think Shida was like a dream for Haruma, he just saw her as something that every other boy in school did? He didn't see the girl right beside him. (Shit happens too often I tell you...one girl usually ends up always being the attention of all the boys at high school, it's like natural selection or something).

I love how Lillith's like uhm bro it's prob. not about the kissing AND IT WASSS THE CUTEST CONFESSION EVER!! All Haruma thinks about is kissing Talia *sigh* so romantic.

I loved this story Chri! You did a really good job! Talia this was a super awesome plot!!

Blossy reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Sep 04, 2013 05:48 PM [Report This]

Ahahaha that was awesome!!!

Kissing a friend for that reason is never a good idea! Heed Lillith's words!

But in this case, it helped the two realised their feelings and finally get together! XD

Uniquemikoto reviewed Kisses lead to Love on Sep 04, 2013 07:31 AM [Report This]

Eh? Wasn't talia in love with Koyama? XD
Well both of them are adorable together~
That's just cuuute =w=
Thank you for the one-shot!
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