Reviews For S.O.S.

Kristy reviewed END OF THE WORLD (thoughts, philosophical) on May 31, 2013 08:21 PM [Report This]

What a deep poem. That certainly has lots of meaning to it! I wonder whose perspective you wrote this from- was it from a specific person?

Either way, I love the repetition in the first stanza! That rhetorical device certainly serves to extend the meaning behind the purpose and deepens the emotions connecting them to the collapse of the world. I'm loving it! I'll check out the rest of them soon, promise!
Author's Response: Thank you, Kristy; your reviews are always such a pleasure! ^o^)/

Kristy reviewed CUT PEACH TREE OF JADE (poem, m/m) on May 10, 2013 12:29 AM [Report This]

Nope, I don't know any of the ancient Chinese myths. But after reading your little drabble, I'm quite motivated to go look them up now! Anyways, I'm loving the poem. It's so peaceful and insipid on the surface, but teeming with hidden metaphors underneath. It'll take me a while to decipher some of them, but it'll be completely worth it :)
Author's Response: Thank you, Kristy! I'll give you some to go after, if you should decide to look them up~ "Passion of the Cut-Sleeve" is a famous myth about Emperor Ai and his lover Dong Xian (because of this, male homosexuality is often referred to as 'cut-sleeve'); another myth, called "The Half-Eaten Peach", is the story of Duke Ling and Mizi Xia; the soldier element is taken from Zhang and Zhong; and the tree reference at the end is about Pan Zhang and Wang Zhongxian - can't remember the story behind the jade reference, though ~.^'
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