Reviews For A Holiday in Osaka

cahaya reviewed Sugar and Spice on Jan 24, 2013 03:41 PM [Report This]

evening chri
wow love this story
funny when pi n toma are gay n going out together ...kekeke
love the ending ...keep it up sis n take care dear ;)
Author's Response: Thank you sweety!!! I'm so glad you liked it ;) ahahaha and YES Tomapi was my fave part XD <333

Blossy reviewed Sugar and Spice on Sep 02, 2012 08:19 PM [Report This]

First of all I can't believe we've been talking all this time without you saying anything about being my secret friend!
Haha but I guess that's part of the rule!
I honestly and truly love this story!
From beginning to end was awesome!
And omg I can't get over the fact you made Toma and Pi gay!!! LMAO!! That just came out as shock at first then I burst out laughing.
Silly Ryo! I thought for sure he was going to say it's him he wanted to introduce her to. But he didn't even understand his feelings until Toma and Pi had to say it!
Haha I loved it! Ryo and Ayu forever!!!
Thanks for the awesome read!!!
Author's Response: Yaaaaaaaaay I'm super glad you liked it!!! It was really fun to write as you can see I couldn't stop XD Thank you for the good requests ;) and yeahh Ryossy foreverrr hehehehe along with YAMAPINE XD sorry Toma but you know how it got lillith i got pi ;)
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