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Blossy reviewed Happy Family (Takaki Yuya, Miura HarumaxToda Erika) on Mar 04, 2012 09:36 PM [Report This]

You know what I read this the day you posted it up on my phone but didn't post since I hate replying on my phone. I wanted to wait until I got home to leave a review but I was dead busy!

Anyways weekends nearly over and I just had to come and post it or I won't have time until the next weekend!!

The story was just awesome! I'm so glad you written if for me!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Haruma's dream was just mega sweet!

Haha Yuya already guessed who Haruma dreamt of! I don't think nothing goes by him that he doesn't know lol

Oh I love the friendship with Yuya and Haruma.

Overall... Awesome story! And once again thank you! :)

Blossy reviewed Real Reason (Matsuda ShotaxToda Erika) on Feb 02, 2012 01:36 PM [Report This]

Okay want to request again. Hope I can. This time with erika and haruma. I just finished watching their drama together. I actually watched some eps when it first was airing but stopped because haruma's character was annoying. But then towards the end I quite liked his character.
Anyways, I was thinking they're just finishing up with the last ep and haruma has a dream that the actual drama real and that he has a child with erika. That's all I can think. Not sure if the idea will appeal to you.
Author's Response: to be honest, i actually haven't seen their drama yet though i've read the synopsis...
will gladly work on your request but i think it may take me quite a bit... i have quite a lot on my plate right now and i'm thinking of watching at least the last ep of the drama to get a feel of what to write in your request...
will work on it though! promise! :)

Blossy reviewed Real Reason (Matsuda ShotaxToda Erika) on Jan 30, 2012 06:19 PM [Report This]

Waaahhhhh Mitch! You! Rock!

I had this goofy smile on my face from the beginning to the end as I read it.

The story was perfect!

I absolutely LOVED it!

Man, I could feel the chemistry between them as they sat there talking - the kind of chemistry I loved in the drama.

I loved how you added "Liar Game" into it.

I wanna say more and more things but I don't know what to say! I'm just too happy that you made me one^^

Thank you once again!!!
Author's Response: glad you liked it... :)
to be honest, haven't really watched Liar Game except for the scattered previews here and there... so i couldn't write much about that...
but i'm familiar with both Erika and Shota so... plus i just recently watched that episode in SMAPxSMAP where the two of them were the guests and they really do have a good chemistry going on between them... :)
thanks for the request... and glad you enjoyed it... :)

Blossy reviewed A Look Into the Future (HSJ, YamadaxShida) on Jan 26, 2012 04:48 PM [Report This]

I'll let you decide. But make it cute and fluffy^^
Author's Response: hmmm... okay! :)
i may have something in mind... to fit your request and also fit as a part of the Dreams collection... :)
will inform you when it's done... :)

Blossy reviewed A Look Into the Future (HSJ, YamadaxShida) on Jan 26, 2012 04:44 PM [Report This]

hey can I request a Shota Matsuda and Erika Toda drabble please?
Author's Response: heya B! sure... uhmmm... do you have anything specific in mind?

Blossy reviewed A Look Into the Future (HSJ, YamadaxShida) on Jan 25, 2012 09:58 AM [Report This]

Lol that was cute. Yuyan ended up saying nothing
Author's Response: glad you liked it... :)
Yuya may be older... but he's a push around... in a very cute, lovable, huggable (yes, i love him) way... LOL
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