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nitelotus reviewed 7 Hours Ago on Oct 03, 2013 12:21 AM [Report This]

kyaaah~~~ deta~~~ this was worth the wait!

again, I don't think I can write my own version as fluid as yours is.

Christine reviewed 7 Hours Ago on Oct 02, 2013 05:09 PM [Report This]

First off...the poster is gorgeousssss
Depeeka is so beautiful *hearts*
Ahh I missed this story!
Toma is so funny's like he's getting to like Lillith more and more and then he's like noooo I dont like her that much XD
The dancing bit was adorable but most definitely the acting scene was my favourite!!!!!!
Toma as Domjiougi hahahahahahaha so cute and funny and he could definitely pull it off...because you's Toma and he can act as anything that breathes.
hahahaha I swear these two are so cute
omg they are going to catch them!
I love the idea of sneaking into the theater and just building up to this moment...
HOLY SHIT HE IS KISSING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine reviewed 7.5 Hours Ago on Feb 21, 2013 06:21 PM [Report This]

Ok first off i missed this story
second off...
I love the wall man...
It's so deep and just...I love the whole concept of it, how it represents Toma's life for him...and when there was the blank space Lillith's analogy was perfect and it's just so good that my heart is full of feels right now!
sorry that made me laugh out loud XD
I loved this update!
please update soon and the poster is gorgeous!!!!!
I want to see what happens in the theater!!!!!!!!!
Author's Response: First off thank youuu <3 I love reading your reviews bb <333 LOL right. Dude the concept of the wall is one I really really like...personally it made me want to start my own wall but I'm lazy as frig and have no money to buy a wall like Toma. (YAY FEELS :D) but I think everytime we look at emptiness as something empty but we should look at it as the future, as something that will be filled neh? (Yes you did XD always always the PiChri hilarious Professionals XD) Thank you so much for your kind wordsss <333 and I love that poster too XD this one I spent like zero time on XD got too lazy but yes lots of stuff goes down in the theater that I hope you'll enjoy bb :) <3 Mwah!

nitelotus reviewed 7.5 Hours Ago on Feb 21, 2013 12:48 PM [Report This]

This chapter is soooo touching, so poignant.

TOMA just fall! fall into that abyss called love! and never come back!

Can't wait for the next chapter! And that butt slap from Chri is awesome~
Author's Response: Uwahhh thank you Jannie :D! I'm glad you enjoyed it! (He will :D he'll do it really foolishly though XD which will make it more funny) (Butt slapping is always awesome no matter what neh?)

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed 8 Hours Ago on May 09, 2012 09:14 PM [Report This]

Heeeyyyy, what wall? I'm a bit confused, but I think I like it that way... this chapter was reeeaaalllly good. especially; "Was it unhealthy? Sure. Was it effective? Hell yes. " ;) made me laugh ^^ Sooooo... when's the next update coming??
Author's Response: LOLOL well the's an interesting way to portray the next chapter. It's a bit like a metaphor XD you'll get it later. but I'm glad you liked it even though it confused you T.T damn I hate when I confuse readers though T.T i'll try to start making my writing more clear but misunderstandings are inevitable neh? (lolll I love that line too XD) (chapters come out when the crickets of inspiration visit Lilli's brain XD...damn you crickets and your volatile behaviour) Thank you for your review Cherry :D <3 *mhwa*

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed 9 Hours Ago on May 09, 2012 07:53 PM [Report This]

;( Poor Toma! That was sad... I like the story, but I hope Toma won't suffer too much, he's so adorable. Gonna read the next chapter now ^^
Author's Response: :( Toma sigh...he has to suffer for his life to get better neh? Aww Cherry can I say something random? Cause I'm a loser who never review replies or updates on time? I LOVE READING YOUR REVIEWS FROM THE PAST :D it kinda reminds me of when we were just starting to get to know each other :) and then I remember that cute office story you wrote for me on my first day of work and kyah. I'm just really enjoying my memories right now :) I have the best friends ever :) *hugs*

Christine reviewed 8 Hours Ago on Apr 03, 2012 05:24 PM [Report This]

I loves the water brush...ohhhh sexy god... XD
Anyways on to the chapter!!
I love how as time goes by both of them are uncovering things about the other.
Mostly Toma I guess hahaha but I think Lillith is getting to know her idol more, and possibly...falling in love with him more...or???
and the drug analogy was hilarious I love it!
Misunderstandings are always fun especially when they have illegal/kinky connotations! XD might want to know that...I am kind of inspired to write Yamapine in Professionals....;)
Author's Response: Water brush foeva...but it's actually pretty hard to use that brush huh :O I like rarely use it, even when I'm just making my own textures and stuff. They'll both help each other out a lot, honestly Lillith's at a weird standpoint in her life where she's not moving forward but she feels free, Toma's holding a lot back in even though he is moving forward. So they'll help each other out in their opposing perspectives :) Ahh falling in love as a human and fan are very different neh? XD (nothing more to say there..) LOLOL YOU WERE RIGHT! In a way it was graffiti. Toma the bad ass graffiti artist :D (Prison Hos ftw :D innuendos ftw! :D) Dude if you write Yamapine in professionals I would die of happiness just reading it but honestly I die from happiness everytime you write :D (YAY FOR VLV UPDATE <3 even though your bdays coming up soon you still updated for me, girl you da bomb <3) I love drunk Toma toooooo XD (ergo now the random 9-shot I'm writing about drunk Toma and drunk Lilli XD) Thank you bb <333!

nitelotus reviewed 8 Hours Ago on Apr 03, 2012 01:00 PM [Report This]

You are NOT an guly duckling! Another awesome chapter bb! So proud. About me writing on my own...hmm...I don't know yet. If Jun stays with Mao, its just going to be too sad for me to write. Lol. Can't wait for the next!
Author's Response: I'm trying to catch up on review responses >< gomen nasaii I know this is super late. BUT LOL ahh I think I feel like an ugly duckling pretty often XD but dwdw I know I'm beautiful at the same time. I never know how to confidently portray myself to others. I want to be confident but not arrogant but I don't think that ever happens. Thank you so much for being happy with it! If that makes sense! Everytime I put something out there's still a little fear because god knows the tiniest thing could mess me up T.T and I'll have disappointed people. And dudeeee the best part is :D you can break it up XD but I knew Jun would be too smart to not notice his professional especially because he's practically made an artform of keeping his private life private. (Also bro :O you can break it up! Or it can follow whatever story line you see! It doesn't have to match this ones <3) Thank you so much for your review again!

nitelotus reviewed 9 Hours Ago on Feb 23, 2012 02:26 AM [Report This]

REally? the chicken dance for a comment? XXXDDd I would have loved to tape that! hahahaha, But seriously, I think the handling of the whole breakup was flawless. Couldn't have done a better job!
Author's Response: LOL XD one day bb one day on skype you'll get it live *LIKE A LAP DANCE* thank you for your compliment :D <3 I'm hoping I'll handle the rest of the story in the same manner so I do the idea justice <3 Thank you again :) for reading!

drama-addict reviewed 9 Hours Ago on Feb 22, 2012 10:43 AM [Report This]

awwww, poor Toma!!!! throughout this whole chapter I was cringing because I felt so sorry for him. yeah, getting your heart broken isn't the least bit great...
well, I am really curious what happens next, so PLEASE UPDATE ASAP! ;)
all the best
Author's Response: Pretty much the worst way to break up isn't it? I wanted you guys to cringe and be a little pained reading it. In a way his position was really pathetic and no matter what he really tried to do to get out of it he couldn't. It's sad when you see break ups like that huh :( NOT TO BE WORRIED. Rest of the story should be fairly happier :D I'M HAPPY YOU'RE CURIOUS. SO I'M UPDATING :D Thank you for reading drama-addict your reviews make me really happy :)
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