ichigoyamada reviewed ATTRACTIVE on Dec 19, 2013 07:23 AM [Report This]

I read this story again for the n-th time! And it still made me laughed :D The conversation on chatango, the characters, those email addresses, the plot, I love them all! Seriously Lillith! How come you can made such a great & funny story! *sigh* LOVE THIS!!! :D
Author's Response: Kekekeke XD Yammie you enjoying this story makes me go back to it everytime and read it again and lol XD! It's because I'm awesome I can make it brooo XD thank you so much for your lovely words though :) <3 *hugs*

Uniquemikoto reviewed ATTRACTIVE on Sep 04, 2013 09:03 PM [Report This]

AAAH SERIOUSLY LILITH!! Are you trying to kill me with every story you write?!
Yes I'm becoming a toma fan because of you XD
This was too cuute~
How can he say "I'll sue you" I'm gonna sue him for telling you that xD
He's sweetly rude =3= (I'm not making sense xD)
But then again making that video made me laugh at how adorable they were XD
And then toma is not satisfied with her "yes you're hot" answer XD
Okay I've said it so many times, BUT TOMA IS ADORABLE OKAY?
You too, you were like too cute being shy XD
Thank you for this story~
Author's Response: Wahhhh :D I'm so happy you liked this story. I'm not trying to kill you I promise! :D (I'm totally okay with you becoming a Toma fan! Muahah my evil plan to make everyone on earth a Toma fan is working!) :( I know right! I thought it'd would be something cute that he'd know how to type in English. I tried my best to make him realistic because in my head I can't see any other way Toma would just be so down with fangirls O.O He would have to get used to them *nods* so yes you're making sense he is a sweet rude person. He's also petty nehhh (with the multiple times he asked how hot he was XD) yayyy I like that you thought Toma was adorable! Mission complete!!(and thank you for calling me cute too :D) Thank you for your review and thoughts :)!

Dreamy Luna reviewed ATTRACTIVE on Aug 02, 2013 08:13 AM [Report This]

I forgot to say that I loved the text I sent you! It's totally my kind of advice I would give you LOL and the Gossip Girl part!!! Chuck and Blair!! Heart less than three (Hey, someone spoiled me the ending and I might continue watching it just for the ending... or just watch the ending.)
Author's Response: GOSSIP GIRL IS ALWAYS RELEVANT (okay that's probably not true but back then it was! XD) I thought it would be something you would do so yayy I'm glad you likde it :D! (Omg...was it me who spoiled it O.O I remember going around telling people who was Gossip Girl but I don't remember if I told you or not. If you do know we need to talk about how the writers basically copped out by choosing that person to be Gossip Girl...I think I'm probably going to continue one day when I'm over how ridiculous Chuck and Blair got towards the end of the show >< they took a great couple and the writers just absolutely ruined them. Then they gave me another great couple AND RIPPED IT AWAY FROM ME JUST BECAUSE IN THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW I USED TO LIKE CHUCK AND BLAIR. I'm really angry at Gossip Girl writers ><) but enough about Gossip Girl :) this was about Revenge Is A Dish Best Served By Ikuta Toma...so thank you :) this story and I both love you for your feedback and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. *HUGS*

Dreamy Luna reviewed ATTRACTIVE on Aug 02, 2013 08:01 AM [Report This]

What a funny and lovely story! It's refreshing to read a story where subtle romance is involved! Good job Lillith! I'm glad Lillith and Toma aren't all head over heels in love with each other and they started off as friends. It wouldn't be realistic especially after what happened. I liked the French part, smart Lillith hahaha The chat conversations were fun to read and true to each person's personality lol
Author's Response: I actually ended up liking this style a lot too maybe I should write a subtle one again...it's actually pretty hard for me cause I tend to edge towards drama as a writer >< so thank you for your kind words :D! *bows gratefully* I know most fans will disagree with me when I say this but isn't it best in the end to be able to be friends with them? (I mean don't get me wrong, romance would be SO AWESOME, but it's not the most likely thing to happen so my fangirl heart will take friendship too XD). Maintenant, j'utilise un app sur le Play Store qu'appelle Duolingo qui me donne les exercices chaque jour de finir. Il promet d'ameliorer ma Francais. (omg this sentence must be full of mistakes forgive me but I wanted to try ><) Hehe I live to serve but I'm glad I got everyone right :D it's sad that we don't get to talk to some of these girls anymore :(

Dreamy Luna reviewed GIFT on Aug 02, 2013 03:22 AM [Report This]

I think I'm not used to Mao being manly XD

Oh, you disappeared on Winglin years ago?

A speaking punching bag? lol I'd love to have one!!! (I wanted a punching bag when I was a frustrated teenager but a speaking one would be much better! ...though I'm not as frustrated as I was back then!)

Awww the video was so sweet! I believe Lillith will forgive Toma. ~_^


I was a bit confused when I read this part:

“Ginny Weasley…do you really want to keep your Japanese Harry Potter waiting?” Her Asian Luna uttered out and Lillith gulped.

She’d loved Draco Malfoy a lot longer than she’d loved Ikuta Toma and for now he would have to wait.

So, your friend said "Asian Harry Potter" and then you wrote "Draco Malfoy". Shouldn't it be Harry Potter? Besides Ginny Weasley is married to Harry Potter.
Author's Response: She's Makino but in Mao form XD but if she actually was like that it would be hilarious. Jun would never cross her XD which would be interesting to see everyone scared of Mao. I did because it was my last year of high school and I couldn't take the pressure of writing along with school so I basically just ditched it. (I was planning on updating on Winglin when I joined AFF actually. The site was down and I was angry so I began looking for replacements and found AFF :D I preferred the layout of this one to the other AFF and joined it ^.^) AND YES I HAD ONE. T.T so long ago. After I moved I can't find it anymore but they sold it at my Dollarama! You basically punch it and it swears (like 'Fuck you!' or 'Stupid Shit' 'You Asshole!') it was the best punching bag ever (super small though) Check it out they may still have one o.o? They always have random gag products. You believed right :D! Though honestly with me I could have gone the angst route but that's so unsuitable for this plot line. Ahhh okay okay so I think I should have made that part more clear but it's like an inside joke T.T fail. I was on the inside so I didn't realize. Basically when I was younger, I was in love with Draco, and then when I fangirled on Toma my friend always teased me that he looked like a J-Harry Potter cause the first picture she saw had him in glasses. Does it make more sense now? (The scene itself is about all of my friends and I dressing up to go to Harry Potter's premiere :D so it's like my asian Harry Potter will have to wait because I'm going to go see my first love Draco Malfoy XD? it's a mix of jumbleness ><) Ty Annie! <3 I hope I helped a bit (I should probably edit that bit T.T)

Dreamy Luna reviewed FAIL on Aug 02, 2013 02:55 AM [Report This]

LOL I love Mao!

Getting his revenge on AFF, huh? lol I'd love to see that!

LMAO @ the pine comment!

LOL Toma, you're so LOST in the whole conversation!

"Just another JJ!" HAHA I REMEMBER!!!

lol @ "Asianfanfiction: Hi IT! Welcome to AFF." Yes, I always welcome people. XD

Lillith, this is hilarious. I was laughing the whole time!
Author's Response: ANNIE AHHH <3 Sorry I get really happy when I read your reviews so don't mind me while I squee. You're usually quite insightful :) and also a pleasure to read- if that makes sense? Okay so enough flattery. Real review reply time. Yes I love Mao XD I tend to make her overly strong I think...I think it's the Makino effect. The pine thing though XD when I first saw Chri's name I remember thinking she's pining over Pi xD. I felt bad making him all lost but I'm glad you found it hilarious! Toma's confusion was not for naught! Dude...in my head I'm so convinced JJ was Jin. SO CONVINCED. It couldn't have been Jaejoong but Jin makes total sense (cause you know he was bored in America...ahh one day we'll have another celebrity scare). You're always super friendly :) (even with the trolls <3 cause that's just how nice you are <3 I should learn T.T) Thank you Annie Bananie :D! I'm glad you liked it!

Ooper reviewed ATTRACTIVE on Jun 20, 2013 09:45 PM [Report This]

SO PERFECT CRYING OMG I LOVE THIS STORY. I loved it just as much this time as the first time!!!!! WAH!!!
Author's Response: awwwww why omg why crying? Don't cry! I don't want you to cry! There's nothing sad here! But I'm glad you loved it Tali :D you lifted my spirits today :D!! thank you so much! *hugs*

Ooper reviewed FAIL on Jun 20, 2013 09:27 PM [Report This]

SO PERFECT. Going to read more. YAY! hehehe. This is exactly what I need to relax with before I go to work. ~
Author's Response: I hope it actually helped with your work! <3 and that your work day went well love :D!!

maojun reviewed ATTRACTIVE on Mar 05, 2013 05:21 AM [Report This]

hi anna clair, i am sorry :) may i asked you something? don`t you want to update your story 'IMPURE INTENTIONS'.. i love that story very much and i always wait for you to update the story.. it seems like you haven`t updating the story for a very long time :( i hope you can continue writing that story.. sorry for bothering you :) btw, this is a nice story too :)
Author's Response: Never be sorry :( thank you for reminding me! I'm sorry I know sometimes I forget about that story T.T i just get so caught up in other ones. I'm sorry this update has been a very long time coming! I hope you enjoy it maojun :) I am definitely continuing to write it I haven't forgotten about it don't worry! Thank you for enjoying this story as well *bows*

Christine reviewed ATTRACTIVE on Mar 03, 2013 01:52 PM [Report This]

I laughed so much while reading.
I can't possibly name all of them but like I loved the conversation between you and Toma, when he wanted you to tell him she thought he was hot hehehe

Their banter on AFF was just so adorable and Jun trying to get with every girl...hahaah he's so stupid XD



Lol I love your reaction to him...I totally believe that you would react like that...not talking with him

Hahaha he's adorable and you two are adorable and I love the fact that you didn't put too much romance but just enough at the end to make us readers go....UWAAA

I demand an epilogue kekekek

love you!!
Author's Response: Honestly I'm shocked how not sick of this story you are XD since it's inception I think I've made you read it way too much XD thank you for reading this yet again Christine! I'm glad you laughed! I get scared of the comedy genre nowadays >< (hehe Toma's fishing for compliments) LOL the email addresses right? hehe I like that they ended up forming a friendship and it just turned out nicely. (I probably wouldn't talk to him just because I'd be focused on breathing XD breathe in breathe out, remember to fill the lungs, breathe in breathe out XD) I'm glad you liked the open-ending! LOL or maybe not XD one day if I get bored I'll write the official epilogue...I actually have no idea where the story would go from this point :O but I love you too! Thank you so much for reading this story multiple times and I hope we get to talk today!
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