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I really love your stories, this series are some of my favorite, i really wish you would update again though >

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Who wouldn't go red from kissing Jin? Awwwe~ That kiss hahhhaha

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Ahhhh it's good to be reading again. Kyaaaah! It's like a family gathering with them eating together. Haha

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thank you for new the poster cute for the chapter, quite interesting and love it too...
very thoughtful of minako for buying all her friends yukata with different colors,
Jin (navy blue), Kame (light red), Junno (green), Maru (purple), Ueda (pale orange) & Koki (brown)...cannot wait to see all of them wearing the yukata and meet up with minako ...wonder when Maru's mom gonna show her son's picture in yukata to other moms ...curious to know what their conversations gonna be ...kekeke ...keep up the good work and take care b ...update soon ^_^ ;)

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evening b ...
how r u dear, miss ya...thank you for new chapter on how minako gave presents to all her friends and received from them too her conversations with her brother ...quite sad when she celebrated christmas alone but glad the guys was there for her ...cannot wait for more interactions between jin and minako ...keep up the good work b...update soon ...take care and till later, bye b muahss ^_^ ;)

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evening b...
welcome back ...really miss HSWM so much ...
glad u finally update
love this chapter ...
super wow when minako kissed jin ...super duper like...kekeke
cannot wait for more of both of them together ...confess already ...kekeke
keep up the good work b and take care sis ...
happy new year ...miss u n luv ya sis ;)

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so cute! I love how everyone has found out that Jin loves Minako except for Jin and Minako. I can't wait to read the rest of the story!

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Aww, Yuya is so adorable! I love how he watches Minako and Jun interact... His eyes are definitely sharp. Though Jun's recent behavior is making me fall in love with him- all over again :) And it's wonderful that she gave him slippers; that's as close to an invitation to come over whenever he wants to as he can get! :D

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morning b
sorry for late review
how are u sis? thank you for new chapter
love the jealous jin n of all the people his own brother, yuya ...kekeke
seem yuya noticed that minako in love with his brother
love the last part and yuya noticed that too ...
really love minako n jin's moments together even when they bickers ...kekeke
cannot wait for Christmas party...
wonder what gonna happen next...
take care sis n update soon! ;) >3
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