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Lil Daisy reviewed Making You Perfect...You Know Just The Way You Are! on Mar 07, 2014 09:00 AM [Report This]

Narimiya HIroki in next chapterrrrr

minhosnoona reviewed Making You Perfect...You Know Just The Way You Are! on Mar 05, 2014 09:42 PM [Report This]

so good, I loved the extra drabble thereat the end. I hope you update again soon.

minhosnoona reviewed Fool Them Into Thinking You're Cool Why Don't You? on Jan 27, 2014 01:47 AM [Report This]

seriously can not end it there! This is an amazing story. I need more please. I love Mao and I also love how Jun is softening up. Please add more!
Author's Response: hi minhosnoona :) I know you've read Locks and Latches too with the new update and I just want to thank you for starting that too! (It's one of my favourite stories ever that I've written!) And don't worry! It doesn't :) I know I've gotten pretty late with updating this story though T.T I apologize for that! I hope you enjoy the new chapter! Jun's only going to get softer as the story forges on! Thank you for reading! *hugs*

maohartjun reviewed Fool Them Into Thinking You're Cool Why Don't You? on Mar 11, 2013 11:15 PM [Report This]

Oh no worries Anna I'm always following your stories. So I'm happy that this is updated though *smiles happily*.

I like how Mao can take on Jun. Especially when he is such an ass but she can give her own but the thing is I'm really getting confused. I understand but its more like confusing as when will Jun really know what he is GAY/BISEXUAL or STRAIGHT!!

Now all this and I'm still wondering what is really behind Mao being his secretary/PA or whatever.

I need more.......UPDATE SOON!!!!! :P
Author's Response: hi maohartjun! Uwah it's been almost a year T.T sorry! Thank you for reading so dedicatedly! *hugs* Mao is very confident and she's starting to want to protect Jun :) but she was hurt by what he said neh? Ahhh Jun is definitely Bisexual. There's no changing that. He's definitely not straight (he is sleeping with Shun after all XD straight boys tend not to do that) I hope this next update makes you happy because Jun's actually started being nice to Mao finally :) Thank you for your review! *hugs*

maohartjun reviewed Only Public About Our Bling Not Our Flings on Feb 22, 2012 01:31 AM [Report This]

Oh thankyou and I love you for updating *claps*.

I love this story I just love the gay characters they just make me laugh. I'm serious these guys are so gay. But I'm glad that Mao made a new friend Toma.

I couldn't stop laughing when she came across Jun and Shun getting their mack on its so funny. I sometimes don't think they are gay but they are. I can't wait for more of Toma Pi on your next updates plus I can't wait to read if Mao will have a love interest. As your end note she had a crush on Narimiya but sadly he was married??

Oh well wait to see on your next chapters!!

lovesmatch reviewed Simplicity is Key on Dec 12, 2011 07:40 PM [Report This]

i knew it was gonna be Shun!!!
well, not know, as in really know, just a hunch... :)
interesting how the JunxShun combo will go on...
loving Erika's character... (could she secretly be inlove with Shun? *gasp* --please ignore my sleep-deprived mind)
and loving the TomaxMao combination... i can so imagine them as BFFs... :)
interested in where all these goes!!!
missed you dearie!
work is a drag... and yeah, it's killing me... but i'll manage... lol!
hope everything is fine at your end...
(advanced) Merry Christmas!

nitelotus reviewed Simplicity is Key on Dec 08, 2011 01:14 AM [Report This]

OH Shun. Such a god. Combined with Jun? Its the big bang,baby!

I sometimes wonder if my simplicity is what turns off people. but then I still have to see myself all glammed up anyways. Lol. This is turning to be a confessional! XD

Of course, another fabulous chapter! And poor toma....I can see how you want to be bessie's with him. Tough luck bec. I already have you!

maohartjun reviewed Simplicity is Key on Dec 07, 2011 11:58 AM [Report This]

First one to review and yippee Anna Clair ILY and I love this fic. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for the update its been long awaited by me and I want more *smiles*. Jun and Shun aye omg I couldn't believe it. But, I am just abit curious about their relationship as Shun hasn't let anyone else know hes gay?? or who the someone is that helped him abroad to buy a gift for Jun. Mao and Toma getting close but I am still wanting to know what Mao's part in this is all about. Since Jun don't really like her I am so biting my nails figuring out what her drill really is aaarrgghh I am so impatient. Oh well, guess I will have to wait again haha. I just read your end note regarding Shun and Erika hmm now I really really am working my brain cells figuring out about these two. So Anna Clair arigatou again and looking forward to an update before xmas *whistles* or when the time comes. Btw I love the image of Jun oh so smexy (^_^)

nitelotus reviewed It's Better To See The World In Pink on Oct 03, 2011 01:54 AM [Report This]

I don't think I ever have a pale pink in my wardrobe. A fuschia one, one shirt is all I have. Does this mean I fail my cute side?

-hugs- write more!
Author's Response: REALLY :O? it's a must! Especially with black lace. The contrasting delicate appearance of the fabric and colors will definitely flatter any woman. And you do not fail your cute side :) fuschia is just as amazing. I'm trying babe :( I really am. It's so hard nowadays. I wish I had exams XD i always get ridiculously inspired at exam time. I hope you enjoy this next chapter Jannie! Your man's about to get into a whole lot of sexy!!

lovesmatch reviewed It's Better To See The World In Pink on Sep 30, 2011 05:37 PM [Report This]

first off.. I missed you dear!!!
it has been a while... i haven't been on much here... only to post or read as the case may be...
my schedule is killing me! lol! no, not really... actually, not yet is the proper term... :)

i'm really not that picky on what title you stick with...
tbh, i call this story simply g-star too!
as long as you continue with the story, anything is fine by me... lol

Sho's widely confusing backstory is amusing me...
seriously, it is... maybe even more than what you intended...
Yuriko is one lucky girl... a lot of woman would dream to accomplish what she had done... convert a gay/bisexual, that is... LOL

ohhhh... Mao's affecting Jun this early... interesting... really interesting...

and Toma and Mao being friends?
somehow, even in this story' setting, it could work... it would work!:D
looking forward to the next update!!!

oh, and yeah... i AM writing again...
i'd be updating One Chance right after i post this... so if you find time... :)
Author's Response: I MISSED YOU TOO.. I'm sorry I'm such a horrible reader right now. Honestly you all must hate me but bear with me! One more month :D AHHHH i can't wait for my freedom. But enough about me. I totally get what you mean. It's hard coming on to just socialize and chill out like before :( this are drastically intense now. Your schedule must be even more killer now! It's year end and you're an accountant neh? I hope its not that bad :( to kind of review to your response in one chance i'm going through some season changes myself. I'm at that point where I can change everything or stay the same. I don't know which to choose. how's your season setting in :)? and yeahhh right? somehow the The doesn't really do anything! I'm going to change it. LOL IT IS CONFUSING ISN'T IT ? Gomen nasaii. I have this habit of creating very elaborate back stories. Even while writing it I was like- nehhh this is getting twisted! LOL Yuriko is very lucky isn't she getting a man like Sho! (if I ever got over my bias for Toma and Jun (and Mukai) then I'd definitely go for Sho.) Also it wasn't that she converted him so much as he loved her despite her gender....? iunno that was what I was trying to get across. (Plus it wasn't like he wasn't attracted to her XD he just wanted to go for the uber sexy Aiba *drool*) Yes she is but in a very strange way neh? Nice spotting Mitch :D I have such ace readers. Lol let us rejoice for Toma and Mao being together as best friend even in this story :D to me they seem very compatible as friends. W000T! I know I can't wait to finish One Chance but at the same time I'm almost sad to finish it. BUT! positive! After I'm done that I can finish reading and catching up on Against the Ghost of You :) Thank you for reading and enjoying it Mitch :) I really appreciate your feedback and I hope you're taking care of yourself :)
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