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Ninner reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on Jun 01, 2013 03:32 AM [Report This]

AHHHH THIS WAS SO GOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously cannot wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!
Author's Response: Thank you so much bb! I hope you enjoy the latest chapter!

YoonEunHyeFan reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on May 29, 2013 09:02 PM [Report This]

OMMMGGG ryo is so funny hahahaha and omg the attack i feel sorry for christine now liiving under the same roof as yamapi and Jun and his sister and his dad. let the chaos begin...
Great chapter chri you had me so excited and i cant wait for the next chapter!
Author's Response: Kyaaaaaaa thank you so much for reading and reviewing bb!! I am glad you are looking forward to the chaos tehehehehehehe Unfortunately the story is about to end soon so I hope you love it till the end! I hope you enjoy the latest update! <3

YoonEunHyeFan reviewed VLV Jeopardy! on May 29, 2013 07:53 PM [Report This]

loving it so far can't wait for next chapterrrr. I am sorry for not reviewing until now :O
Author's Response: Lol it's ok bb!! Im just glad you liked it!!!! <333

Ninner reviewed VLV Jeopardy! on Apr 08, 2013 12:32 AM [Report This]


First off, I absolutely love the game! LOL! IT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD WHEN THEY ASKED NINO HIS TURN OFFS. And I also really loved the fact that everyone was having so much fun!! It made it feel like a whole big family! It was super cute.

Talia and Koyama are just so cute!! So are Lillith and Toma and their baby is going to be so adorable
Author's Response: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay I'm super glad you liked it! Thank you bb hehehe yes everyone is so freaking cute <333 The game was really fun to write! hehehe I hope you like the latest chapter xxx

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed VLV Jeopardy! on Apr 04, 2013 06:26 PM [Report This]

CHRII!! the poster is gorgeous. I told you that already. But I'm telling you again.

“Did you make all the themes sexual?” Emma asked while narrowing her eyes at Tomohisa.

“No…there is a turn off’s one too.” He replied, grinning toothily.

I thought that was funny xD Toma is a bit of a perv. But i think everyone knew that already.

Pi and Ryo both know what Toma likes in the bedroom? I wonder how they found out ;) But i thought it was hilarious. Ryo says he knows and Pi is like a competitive little kid that has to make it clear he knows just as well too.

"As if he was going to let Ryo think he was a better friend to Toma than he was! Tomohisa was the most awesomest friend in the world…and yes people they were all slightly drunk. "

"“Dude you should feel privileged to have seen a real life Adonis.” Tomohisa said, earning a few snorts from the girls present…including his wife. "

Kekeke.... I wonder if Pi will remember that xD I guess He's not that well endowed, huh.

Yamapi's so weird for coming up with a game like this. But i think its an interesting game. I'll keep reading and see what i learn.

“Can you stop insulting our intelligence every five minutes?” Tomohisa asked.

xD Is his pride getting hurt? Poor boy.
Btw i keep making the mistake of writing Toma when I mean Pi so if i write something that seems weird... yeah... I'm jet lagged so my brain isnt quite working.

HAHAH!! Christine thinks he's an idiot too! But i think she considers him her own idiot.

Yamapi fractured his penis? xD That baka. And I bet Ryo was so happy to be able to ask a question like that from him in front of the others.

Why is Christine so quiet now? Is there something on her mind?

Another group or gang or whatever you call it has attacked yamapi's clan? was it clan... *thinks*
If Chri goes out now i hope nothing happens to her. I have a bad feeling now.

AND I WAS RIGHT! THEY KIDNAPPED HER. Yamapi, grrr! couldnt even tell her she might be in danger.

Is Yamapi gonna go on a cool rescue mission now? Is he gonna be all tough and cool and kick some ass?

I'll be waiting for an update!
Author's Response: CHERRYYYY I LOVE YOUR REVIEWWWW :D I do that a lot too!! I write Toma when I mean Tomo!!! lol I guess I'm always jetlagged XD Hahaha the penis fracture was hilarious wasn't it? Super duper happy you liked it Please enjoy the update <333

Anna Clair reviewed VLV Jeopardy! on Mar 30, 2013 10:44 PM [Report This]

I WROTE MY REVIEW AND THEN I WAS LOGGED OUT T.T you think I'd finally start learning how to do this but I don't.

So let me start from the beginning yeah? I am really excited for VLV Jeopardy because it's going to be the most awesome kinkiest chapter everrr XD

And then I was like omg the scene between Ryo/Tali/Toma/Pi is so cute! Seriously Ryo guys already lost okay like a long time ago? Because since Lillith actually used the prop and is his baby mama like - she won the close trial XD but nice try guys nice try. lol but seriously that was a cute scene. Adonis lmfao.

And omg the LEVEL SEX lmfao!! but like seriously I was like omg so awkward! Think of it meeting your husband like that T.T what on earth would you tell your grand kids? He was trying to get me over his best friends in the hot tub guys! So awkward but then at the same time their reaction was so sweet

ALSO LOL Nino! He's so adorable. Big Junk is important XD and ChriChri insulting his intelligence XD AND I LOVE HOW NINO AND KOYAMA HAVE KISSED XD lol I wonder if all the boys have kissed Nino at some point - like poor guy he's their guinea pig to test whether they're gay or not XD

LOL poor Pi being out of commission for like six months XD! Drug addicts need their crack mannn!

And finally they all went to bed and stuff.

But omg what's happening with the rival clan? And Takuya! And all of the other stuff. So they will move back in for sure huh? I'm interested in seeing how that goes because she'll hang around his sister a lot more and ACTUALLY get to see yakuza life (which right now I'm pretty sure she thinks is like lots of alcohol and occasional shootings XD)

Poor guy never got his curry :( (next time Pi next time...maybe you should pick up Takeout on your way to save Chri...she's probably hungry too..)

JKJK XD BUT I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! I can't wait to read the next one :) (and all the extras ;) )
Author's Response: I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS >< ahahahahah Ryo and Pi are fucking hilarious and I'm glad you found that amusing ;) of course baby momma won teheheheh LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL omg that's actually the funniest scene ever! Imagine the boys in high school...braces, glasses, messy hair...all in one room like a cult trying to test their manhood with the beautiful gay Nino ahahahaha hilarious. I hope you like the latest chapter bebehhhhh mwacks love youuu xxx

nitelotus reviewed VLV Jeopardy! on Mar 30, 2013 12:54 AM [Report This]

Yay! yay for action!

And that honeymoon game was hilarious!!!

Write more bb!
Author's Response: thanks a lot for reading and reviewing bb!!! i hope you like the latest one!!! xxx

ichigoyamada reviewed VLV Jeopardy! on Mar 27, 2013 01:16 AM [Report This]

OK, here's my review:

1. That game is so funny ^^ My fave is Ryo's question to Pi. I was drinking a tea and chocked after read his question LOLOL

2. Pi is really a HENTAI person. Always have dirty thoughts =.= But that's what I like from him XD

3. O.o You choose Takuya as yakuza?! Ma~~it's suit him though. He has a face like a mafia (same like Nagase)

4. Awww, that sweet scene between Pi & Chri made me "awwww" XD SO SWEET!!!! They should have a baby!!!!! #whacked

5. THE ENDING!!!! You really love teasing your reader right Christine? You should update soon girl! You really should!! If not, I'm going to terror you via LINE & whatsapp & FB & call you!!! #whacked LOL, I'm just kidding XD I'll wait, but please dont make me waiting to long OK?!

NICE Chapter!!! I love this (even with a cliff hanger ending)!!!! And I love you too XD Thanks for updated the story ^^ *hugs*
Author's Response: Ahhhhhhhhhhh Yammieeeee I'm soooo happy you reviewed and you liked the chap hahaha my favorite character in this is Ryo...hahaha he's so funny and hentai like pi :P i hope you enjoy the latest chapterrrrrrrrrrrr <3333

Kumohime reviewed VLV Jeopardy! on Mar 26, 2013 10:29 PM [Report This]

Yay! New update!
Ok, that was a weird way of ending a wedding party hahaha.
Lillith and Toma are so cute! I know there wasn't much about them here but the baby thinh is still cute.
Of course Chri would be taken! Order take out next time haha... sorry about that hehe.
Hope you can update soon!
Author's Response: Thanks Hime!!!! <3333 Lol these people are weird aren't they? hahaha I'm so happy everyone loves Toma Lillith!!! they are absolutely my fave couple hehehe I hope you enjoy the latest update bb!!! <333

Anna Clair reviewed Spilled Champagne and Secrets! on Feb 26, 2013 08:12 PM [Report This]

OMG Ryo! Snooping around and causing trouble as usual!

Lol awww Ryo I feel bad your life isn't changing...cause that means you haven't been getting any :( poor Ryoski.

LOL OMG IT'S LIKE RYO ASKED PI TO TOUCH SOMETHING INAPPROPRIATE THAT IS PI'S REACTION SERIOUSLY. Lmfao Pi is perfect. but omg :( he thought it was his! Well logical conclusion since Ryo was all like OMG WHERE IS MY PI I NEED HIM HE'S CARRYING MY BABY XD. lol sorry i'm kinda high on coffee rn.

Fuck like rabbits lol...yeah Ryo would know. LMFAO. OMG So he has kinda gotten some second hand action. But I love how even though Yamapi was freaking out he's like my semen YES! BEST SEAMEN EVER DEFEATING THE TIDAL WAVES OF MY WIFE'S UTERUS.

before i become anymore disgusting shall I move on?

Yes I shall :) (omg but so tempted to make a penis mourning speech...but I shall not)

I totally had to look up what Yamada and Shida Mirai look like together omgs so cute! But aww man yeah Emma get over that douche-ness! He's hot but not that hot! Drama always happening at wedding man always T.T

Aww...omg dude....I totally didn't expect Yamapi to have such a perfectly sweet and well planned speech! He did really well! Somehow I thought some douche-y really awkward moment would come into but it was actually pretty perfect. And aww Koyama loved her at first sight! KYAH! (he thought he was high lmfao Pi you and your high times)

lol omg Pi break traditions! Say it's a beautiful name for a girl XD (just keeeding Pi would kill me for that)

AWWW Chinen sounds so sweet! He obviously seems so interested! But I guess Emma was wary because of her experiences with Yamassholeda.

Dude omg...Jin didn't just want to do her O.O omg that's so sweet he had like a flower and everything I bet Vicky was totally shocked because that was not what she was expecting at all!

omg hirooo sexy hero of our dreams! (lol why do i always make bad puns like this -> like ohno becomes oh nooooo)

LMFAO. LOL I love how she's crying and all emotional and Tomo steps up ready to like her help her out but she just starts yelling at him because she's like DA FUQ YOU- WHAT? ON EARTH? IT CAN'T BE YOURS. Or we have some issues to discuss bro.. o.o some serious issues.

Hmmm..but Christine...wants to be pregnant? That's the first conclusion we can draw but I think that's too easy so I'm going to delve a little more into her disappointed tone shall I? What she wants to feel from Yamapi is a sense of security in their relationship and their feelings for each other. Generally by having a get that security with your partner knowing that you are jointly responsible for bringing a life into the world and that a part of both of you exists in this human being, a kind of physical representation of what you feel like when you fall in love with someone and give your heart away to them.

So while maybe on the surface it may look like Christine wants a baby I'm going to go with the conclusion that it's not the baby she wants necessarily (because Tomo reacted the perfect way to that, he said he'd support her and all) but she wants what he would have to automatically give her if they actually had a child. She wants him to do that voluntarily.

Now this probably totally off but w.e. it's my interpretation XD it helps me with school okay?

Oh man...okay while I'm totally happy for Toma and Lillith (OBVIOUSLY FRIG LOOK AT MY NAME..OH right it doesn't say Lillith anymore I'm Anna now...okay w.e you know why I'm happy) I'M SO HAPPY that he reacted well...but I feel like this is that type of Knocked Up case where they're going to face their own unique problems because they're going to keep getting to know each other while both of them are going through the baby prepping process which is pretty stressful anyways. But I'm glad that at least for now they're happy :) and that he's supporting her and not freaking her out and he's happy that he's going to be a father. I think he'd actually make a pretty good dad this version of Toma.

LOL OMG. HIRO IS JUST AS LAME AS ME *DOES LAPS*. How awesome would it be if at the Jeopardy Hiro just fucking burst out into Enrique Iglesias' Hero :D? "Let me be your Hiro...would you dance...if I asked you to dance? Would you run and never look back? Would you cry if you saw me crying?...I CAN BE YOUR HIRO BABY XD"

Okay if Cherry and Hiro end up getting married...they should have this song as their fucking first dance XD.

And that ending line was totally adorable Christine :) seriously the way he gave in but jokingly but still kind of seriously in a sentimental way?

He can really kiss away the pain huh :D? He will stand by her forever.

She is taking his breath away...


but this chapter was perfect :) I loved it so much. I'm sorry this was late but as usual I hope it was worth the wait.

You make me super super happy with VLV nowadays :D I have to say...I might like it a bit more than BM but only because recently it's been harder for me to love angst. I really really like reading humorous stories...they lighten my already overloaded heart.

So thank you for VLV!!
Author's Response: Ahh bb i love your reviews they are always so intense and fun to read! Yeah I think Ryo needs to get's been too long hasn't it? LOLOLOL any more disgusting...I think I got the picture hahahaha but yeah these guys...they are seriously lovable and idiots at the same time...that is how I think their characters would react in a situation like shit i knocked her up...but damn my seamen are good swimmers ahahahaha That is exactly what I was going for. She still doesn't feel like it's a secure relationship. It;s something they both need to work on I guess and I hope I can convey how they both grow properly :) TOMA LILLITH WILL GO THROUGH MANY THINGS AS WELL BUT THEY WILL MAKE IT BECAUSE I WANT IT TO BE SO LOL I'm happy that you are happy tehehehe LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL unfortunately Hiro and Cherry never made it to jeopardy hahahah because they went on their date :P but that is seriously funny shit lol aww BM is sad but VLV IS SUPER HAPPY LOL Yeah we all need some humor in our lives nowadays. Thank you so much for reading bb I am so happy you liked it love you like a love song <333
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