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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on Oct 06, 2013 08:00 AM [Report This]

HEY CHRIIII!!!! Omg :O You wished me a happy birthday in this chapter T.T I suck for not reading it earlier... BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I will try to write an extra awesome review for you today :D
Okay so Chri has been kidnapped. And it was Ryo? or will they get kidnapped now? 'cause I dont think Ryo would do it.
Hahahahaha xD He saw her naked. Was that when they left the laptop open ages ago? Ah yes, it was.
And I see, Pi was just overreacting. Poor guy. I guess he wants to feel important and macho.
I wonder what Ryo's place is like. Is it like the ultimate bachelor's pad? hahahaha, he just offers her vodka xD Who knows, it would be funny if they both just end up passing out and then Pi would be running around looking for her. I'm just mean.
AWWWW! he's having problems?? Too cute xD It's like a crisis for him. And he's sad Yamapi can get laid all the time. It's adorable that he's this honest although he's probably holding some stuff in and trying to keep up appearances.
“So he was…seriously Christine? You are a hot girl too…I would…”
Was he saying he'd sleep with her too?

“He wasn’t gay back then!” she yelled, making Ryo burst into laughter.
“Oh honey love, he was always gay…” he said, patting her shoulder.
“Honey love? And what do you know!” she complained, pouting angrily at him.

Hahahahahah xD That was really funny! Poor Christine.
And poor Ryo :( I think he's got something bigger on his mind. I really love that they're bonding like this. It is very good you did this so now Ryo's character has more depth.

“Oh my God you are such a whore!” she accused, taking Ryo by surprise.
“I’m hot…what can I do?” he asked, giving her a half smile.

That made me giggle in a happy way. The kind of "awww, what a sweet moment"-giggle.
Okay, now a Lilli-Toma moment. Let's see what the future parents are up to :D
AWWWWWW!!! Toma's already recording everything T.T how sweet is that?? And also protecting her so well *hearts*
Toma is such a wise man compared to Pi. It's like he's the big brother.
And of course Chri and Ryo are having tons of fun now that Pi is losing his mind xD I wonder if he'll call Ryo now.
HE DID!! Hahahah xD It will be interesting to see how Pi reacts when he talks to Chri and Ryo now. Will he be jealous? i think he could be.
He's mad! Hahaha. And she's mad... But about different things. Yes, I know how to state the obvious. It's a skill.
Now they're being attacked? I think this would be a good time for Pi to tell Chri that a rival yakuza clan is possibly trying to hurt them.
xD I just find this whole attack and shooting thing funny. Christine and Pi could bond in safer situations that in open gunfire but NO.
And yayyy happy family time!

Kristy reviewed Welcome to Las Vegas on Oct 06, 2013 04:17 AM [Report This]

And so begins the anticipated story, Viva Las Vegas! I've been wanting to read this for quite a while, and I thought: "what better time is no other than he birthday girl's birthday?" Ahahahah, anyways, I wish you a very happy birthday, Chri!

*AHEM* And now back to the story. Boy, was I surprised! This story's beginning surely didn't disappoint. I love your character's spunky yet slightly prude (and also loud, innocent, and crazy when she's drunk), but my favorite thing about Christine is that she is RELATABLE. She understands the frustration from having gorgeous friends (but she is so much hotter- let's be real.) and a couple failed relationships. But she now has Yamapi, se doexnt need anything else, to be honest. He's just too damn perfect.

I love the little cliffhanger at the end, with Yamapi's huge ass rin on his finger. XD It made me laugh! Though I didn't like as much the little allusion that he slept around some, probably since I'm a romantic at heart. Oh well, he's still effing perfect. *dreamy sigh* Anyways, great first chapter! And I'm of to the next... before you know it, ill be completely caught up! :) Love you too, Chri ^.^

Kumohime reviewed Family Ties on Oct 06, 2013 02:04 AM [Report This]

Awww, they are so cute at the beginning!

Koki! Yes, he fits the body guard role well xD And I don't trust Jun *narrows eyes* I'm keeping my eye on him :P

Oohh hormones finally set in, I feel for Toma and Lillith.

Great update, I wonder what is going to happen next!

Ok, I'm done with the review, now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a great day and an even better year. You were one of the first people here I talked to, think you so much for being nice and welcoming me. And since I'm not so much with the words (even if it is ironic) I'll just say it again HAPPY BIRTHDAY *hugs*

Sorry I couldn't make anything for you but here is a little something :P

Anna Clair reviewed Family Ties on Sep 29, 2013 10:51 PM [Report This]

BOOO T.T 3 more chapters.

Sigh I'll have to live with it. As long as you make sure they're the most epic three chapters ever.

Now that I'm disheartened I'll read so I can get happier :D and not be so sad about it ending T.T

Aww Christine is so lonely in the house isn't she? She knows people sure but she's not as comfortable here because there's always going to be someone watching her moves.

And oh no Pi T.T oh nooooo. All your bad decisions have come back to bite you in the bum cause your dad will only forgive you if you do something big now to solve his problems (I'm guessing he started this mess in the first place).

I wonder if Pi's going to go straight to the Takuya head and say I can't marry your daughter.. :O that would be pretty offensive though no? He's going to have to handle this with a lot of tact.

And yayyy this chapter brings Jun back to prominence! We get back to seeing him! I've missed him these past few chapters T.T and Selina too. Now that she's not stringing Pi along I actually think she's a sweet character.

SHIGE'S IN THE YAKUZA :O? Dude I just thought he was one of Michirui's friends XD LOLOLOL well this is going to be awkward for him as he tries to navigate flirting with the yakuza daughter in hidden corners of the house away from the eyes of her brother (he almost died last time man if I remember correctly :O)

Man...Jun is like actively trying to take over the spot. In some ways, yeah okay he probably deserves it more based on efficiency and stuff but Pi is still the rightful owner and he's just been spoiled by his family I think. His father realizes now that to get Pi to change he has to push him harder than he has before to fulfill his duties. Am I making sense?

But I wonder if the reason Jun is so blood thirsty is just a result of his aggressive nature?

(Also lololol hormonal Lillith is hilarious xD poor Toma XD)

BBi can't wait for the next chapter!

Also I love that Koki came in as a bodyguard :D

Mwah! I'm so amped already! Thank you so much for updating this! And the poster is gorgeous!

nitelotus reviewed Family Ties on Sep 29, 2013 04:06 PM [Report This]

3 more chapters and its done? Please don't say it is so! I have been enjoying the story so far and has always admired on your tenacity for your chaptered stories!

What is Jun plotting? Why is Selina unwanted? Would Tomo finally get the courage to man up? dun dun dun....

Can't wait!

Anna Clair reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on Jun 21, 2013 05:21 AM [Report This]

LOL Only Ryo would be able to convince Christine to cook for him after he just admitted to her that he'd seen her naked and managed to make it all Pi's fault (because really Christine hasn't asked why he didnt' just turn it off but then again it's like asking why the indecent man refused to watch free porn like it's a pointless question XD) but ahh Pi is going to be in so much trouble!

I wonder if Ryo actually gets curry :O Or something else :O? (LOL Something else winkwinknudgenudge) but that's not possible yet neh.

Awhh and here Pi is getting all worried for her while Chri is just getting mad at him! Dude she should at least text him! (but lol where would the humor be in that XD?)

OMG RYO IS SO BAD XD NO WATER ONLY VODKA? LMFAO. Wow.Ohmygod the giggles because Christine is falling for this XD but thats cool but is Ryo really going to make a move on his best friend's wife :O? Pi is gonna whoop his ass!

“I would much rather not divulge any more personal information with you.” She replied angrily, remembering the fact that he had seen her naked.

LMFAO. I love how she's so professional while she's saying this kinda trying to give Ryo a message to back off please and Ryo's just like nope. Not going to happen. Please give me more personal information!

LOL THE MAP. Yup Ryo is a manwhore and he's had them all. In a way it's sad for him because these girls go on to meet the people they're meant to be with while he keeps whoring around *sigh* the tough life of the manwhore neh? he's just going to have to enjoy many different hot women forever helping them find the one.

Kyaaah Toma's so adorable as a baby daddy! Documenting everything slowly so they can watch it but the cute thing is along with the baby's evolution you'll kinda see the parents love grow too *sigh* you've written Toma so perfectly Chri I love him! Seriously, he's such a man. There's no other way to describe it. He just seems really manly and dependable. (but lol Pi trying to lecture him and then realizing that he is no role model)

It's funny that Ryo says that isn't it? Because the truth of that whole paper is that Ryo is right about his friend. Pi didn't marry Christine but because he thought he did, he's now attempted to be serious and found that with Christine it's not as bad as he first thought it would be! This is actually perfect Chri! The way you weaved the themes and thoughts through is quite nice here. Also ohmoooo the shoot out is coming soon I can feel it!

LOL but ChriPi got it on firstttt she's just teasing him and I'm right! She wants to make him pay for not a)telling her whats up with the yakuza business and b) that messed up Skype Call with Ryo

That gun scene is hilarious! Gets me everytime! (that's the point XD) but dude the action is written really well, fast-paced and quick which is exactly how action scenes are. Things happen quickly and you see people moving quickly to try and save their lives and the sarcasm sigh. Shota is somewhat very attractive when he's a villain I HOPE HE'S OKAY!! lol crazy Lilli roots for the villains as well as the heroes T.T but I also hope Pi is okay :O I'm guessing in the main house they have a sort of hospital wing that will take care of him?

OH MY GOD. THAT RIE NAME. Sigh you made Toma read AtoA! CAN TOMA GET ANYMORE PERFECT? Nope he can't. It's actually physically impossible but in this story he can and I love it! (Also I still really like Danny :D and Rie! So the deal is fair!) You kill me with these scenes you really do T.T!!

Ahh so there is a family doctor I was right! and Pi Chri are so cute when he's just resting on her shoulder. For some reason it feels like they're acting like married children but in a very mature way? I like seeing their marriage become more 'marriage'.

LOL 'GOOD FOR YOU' Like the most sarcastic freaking response. Time for Tomohisa to step his gangster up yooo. His father. I can really imagine a very disappointed expression on his face. (on the other hand this shows Christine has yakuza in her blood now XD)

I'm actually really excited to see how Christine adapts to living in the house with the parents! Especially since the dad doesn't really like her but I'm hoping the mom will! Plus we'll get to see more of Michirui who I think is actually freaking adorable in this story. (And more of Pi yelling badly at Shige XD which I freaking loved the first time around)

Kyaah I can't wait and this was a perfect update Christine. Seriously. It had romance, action, humor, adventure (with the shootings) and the whole freaking deal.

I'm so amped by where VLV is heading :D!
Author's Response: kyaaaaaaaaaaa I love your reviews they are always so awesome!! I am so happy you like the Toma in here Yes he is probably the most mature about of all the guys. The situation him and Lillith are in is only pulling them closer together. It's like they have an excuse to get to know each other more and their relationship will blossom throughout the story. YES HE READ ATOA AHAHAHAHAHA AND HE LOVES IT ;) Yeah Pi's dad isn't at all impressed with his son at the moment...not only wasn't he able to defend himself but his wife rescued him... He doesn't like Christine at all because he thinks that she doesn't fit in with the typical yakuza woman. And he is right... I hope you like the latest update bb!!! I love youuuuuuu <333

Ooper reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on Jun 20, 2013 08:57 PM [Report This]

FINALLY had some time to catch up! I'm utterly in love! The story is so fantastic. I adore the Lillith and Toma bits. They're so intimate- they're like the sunshine couple to all this drama.

Christine and Yamapi are freaking great, too. I love the way that they are slowly growing to love each other. CHRISTINE BETTER END UP PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! Babies all around!
Author's Response: ahahahahah pregnant?? who knows! Yes Lillith and Toma are the sunshine couple!!!! I love writing them <333 Thanks for reading and reviewing bb I hope you enjoy the latest chapter! xxx

Kumohime reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on Jun 10, 2013 10:54 PM [Report This]

I could finally read the update!
Ryo was so funny and well, slutty hahaha
Have I told you I love Lillith and Toma? Well I do!
And Yamapi's family are weird... and Jun will be back?
Can't wait for the next update!
Author's Response: Lillith and Toma are lovable aren't they?? <333 Hahaha yes Ryo is slutty as usual and yamapi's family is very weird! :P Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!! I hope you like the new chapter xxx

Lil Daisy reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on Jun 03, 2013 10:34 AM [Report This]

wow how hot is ryo in the poster!! but looks like things are picking up :D
Author's Response: kekekekeke he is super hot! ;) Yes things are picking up and the end is coming very soon! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing xxx

nitelotus reviewed Bullet for my Valentine on Jun 01, 2013 08:03 PM [Report This]

Another awesome update bb!
Author's Response: thank you bb! I hope you enjoy the latest chapter! xxx
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