AFF Cupid Mailing Service

Remember back in elementary school we used to send secret cards to our crush and friends on Valentine's Day? Well, you can experience this on AFF because AFF brings you... the AFF Cupid Mailing Service! This is a good opportunity to show your AFF friends how much you appreciate them. Valentine's Day is not just for couples!

General Rules

  • To participate, you must be a AFF member. If you're a reader, you can send a drabble, a banner or a poster to your favorite authors and your AFF friends! If you're a writer, you can send a drabble, a banner or a poster to your regular reviewers, your favorite authors and your AFF friends!

  • If you choose to:
    • write a story, it must be a DRABBLE between 100 and 500 words! However, if you wish to write more, feel free to do so. =)

    • create a banner for an author's story, it must be exactly 700 x 110 pixels.

    • create a poster for an author's story, the width must not exceed 800 pixels.

  • It's a secret gift! Remain anonymous until February 14th. After February 14th, you can choose to either remain anonymous or ask AFF Cupid to reveal your identity.

  • You can send as many secret gifts as you want to all your friends.

Other Rules & Steps

  1. Login to your email account. (It must be the same as the one in your AFF profile and yes I'll check. This is the only way I can verify you're a AFF member.)

  2. Send your gift (story, banner or poster) as email attachment to Please don't send all your secret gifts in a single email. One secret gift = One email. This will make AFF Cupid's task easier.

    Please copy-paste the form below and specify the following in your email for EVERY secret gift you would like to send (otherwise AFF Cupid won't deliver your gift!). If your drabble comes with a banner or a poster, you may send them at the same time.

    Your AFF penname:

    Your recipient's AFF penname:

    To: (it can be the recipient's AFF penname or real name)

    Type of gift: drabble, poster or banner

    Personal Message: (optional)

    Please answer this question. After February 14th, I would like to:

    a) remain anonymous for this secret gift.

    b) ask AFF Cupid to reveal my identity for this secret gift.

  3. AFF Cupid will deliver your secret gift to the recipient as quickly as possible (within 24-48 hours). You'll be notified when it's delivered. If you choose to reveal your identity after February 14th, AFF Cupid will send an email to the recipient to let him/her know your identity.


Q. What is a drabble?

A. A true drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly 100 words in length. However, when a story is referred to as a drabble, it often is a short scene or idea that does not tell an entire story, or a story at all (about 500 words). A drabble is a challenge to perfectly describe a thought with only necessary words. -Wikipedia

Q. Will you check if my drabble complies with the site rules?

A. No, no, your drabble is a gift. However, if you wish to submit your drabble to AFF after February 14th, yes, I'll be checking.

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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!!! Please read the latest issue of the AFF magazine created by Blossy. Thank you Blossy! <3

(Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.)

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AFF Advent Calendar 2013 - Reveal Day!
Yay, finally the reveal day you've been waiting for!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their loved ones. ^_^

I would like to thank all the writers who wrote the 24 stories for the first AFF Advent Calendar, especially those who to wrote two stories to make it happen. <3 I read and reviewed 11 stories and wow I'm very impressed and touched. (Don't worry, I promise I'll also read and review the rest of the stories!) I'm impressed because the stories are SO GOOD!!! And I'm touched that you guys spent time writing those beautiful stories despite your busy schedule! I really, really appreciate it. I'm sure your readers appreciate it as well. ^^ When I review, I want to help you improve so I try to give constructive criticism as much as possible and I correct the mistakes I've spotted. Please don't it the wrong way if I spot grammar/spelling mistakes. No, I don't intentionally look for errors. -_- No, I don't run a spellchecker when I read a story. I just notice them as if they pop out on my screen. XD

I'd also like to thank Anna Clair for creating four amazing badges to reward the writers, the reviewers, the guessers and the winner of the Guessing Game! We decided not to include pennames in the badge because it's too cluttered. Badges will be given this week.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and review the awesome stories.

And lastly, thank you to those who participated in the Guessing Game. I know it wasn't easy but I hope you had fun. I had lots of fun correcting your answers. XD I'm going to send you back your answers sheet with my corrections.

6 people participated in the Guessing Game and made 124 guesses in total. They made 63 correct guesses.

The winner is...


Anna Clair with 14 correct guesses!

Since the winner gets a poster from Anna Clair (lol), we decided to give the poster to the runner-up which is... Blossy with 13 correct guesses!

It was a long journey but I'm glad we made it. ^_^ I would like to make it a tradition every year, so yes the AFF Advent Calendar will come back next year if you guys are still interested and if we have enough stories obviously.

Since this was our first Advent Calendar, I noted some mistakes:

  1. Promotion of the advent stories: I forgot to upload the banner of Day 13 and I forgot to attach the banner of Day 13 and Day 14 on Twitter.

  2. Deadline/Timeline: Many people are busy with final exams and family stuff for the Holidays so I understand that the timeline was very tight. A member asked me if I could extend the deadline for the reviewer badge until Dec 31st. I totally understand but I also know that many people rushed to review all the stories. I apologize to those who had to rush. This is our first advent calendar and it's not perfect. The mistakes I made will not be repeated next year. Thank you for understanding. So the deadline for the reviewer badge is now extended until Dec 31st. Next year, the deadline for both the guesser badge and the reviewer badge will be Dec 31st because it's still Holidays, isn't it? And the reveal day will be January 1st.

  3. List of participants: Next year when someone signs up for the advent calendar, I'll ask if he/she wants to make his/her penname public for the guessers. I'll post a list of participants so it's easier for people to guess who the anonymous authors are.

I'm open to suggestions so please feel free to share them with me!

Okay, enough rambling, let's reveal the anonymous author of each story! The following table also includes the guesses and the number of times each writer was guessed. (P.S. I'll move each story back to the original author tonight or tomorrow.)

1 Candle All of Me Lil Daisy: 4

YoonEunHyeFan: 1
Lil Daisy
2 Christmas tree The Christmas Hero englishrose85: 4

Kristy: 1

Jumpintomycore: 1
3 Christmas bells Somewhere in Between Kumohime: 2

SimpleSnow: 1

YoonEunHyeFan: 1

Eyeslikeatoms: 1
4 Christmas ball You Are Beautiful Lil Daisy: 1

Blossy: 3
5 Cookies Sweet Christmas yukino78: 6 yukino78
6 Christmas gift Friend or Lover? Kumohime: 4

Blossy: 1

JumpIntoMyCore: 1
7 Snow globe Snow Storm dove: 2

JumpIntoMyCore: 2

englishrose85: 1

YoonEunHyeFan: 1
8 Santa hat All I Want for Christmas is You SimpleSnow: 1

lovesmatch: 1

Kumohime: 1

Eyeslikeatoms: 1

YoonEunHyeFan: 1

JumpIntoMyCore: 1
9 Igloo The Christmas Kiss yukino78: 5 yukino78
10 Snowflake Snowflake Christine: 4

Anna Clair: 1
11 Snowman Silent Night biniBningPunkista: 1

nitelotus: 1

Lil Daisy: 1

englishrose85: 1

Eyeslikeatoms: 1

dove: 1
12 Christmas stocking Confessions of a Secret Nature JumpIntoMyCore: 2

SimpleSnow: 1

Anna Clair: 1
Anna Clair
13 Candy cane Peppermint Sticks and Frosted Windowpanes JumpIntoMyCore: 2

dove: 1

Christine: 1

Kristy: 2
14 Kitten wearing a Santa hat To Leave or Not to Leave Eyeslikeatoms: 1

Kristy: 1

JumpIntoMyCore: 2

englishrose85: 1

SimpleSnow: 1
15 Gingerbread A Taste of You Blossy: 3

Kristy: 1
16 Christmas lights Faerie Lights Ooper: 3

Kumohime: 1

Blossy: 2
17 Mistletoe Under the Mistletoe YoonEunHyeFan: 2

Anna Clair: 1

biniBningPunkista: 1
18 Christmas wreath When the Doctor Comes to Call englishrose85: 4

dove: 1
19 Glass of wine Of Wine and Washrooms Anna Clair: 3

Eyeslikeatoms: 1
Anna Clair
20 Ribbon Hush Kumohime: 3

nitelotus: 1

Eyeslikeatoms: 1
21 Christmas card Longing nitelotus: 3

Anna Clair: 1

Ooper: 1
22 Reindeer Winter Innocence Kristy: 1

Ooper: 1

JumpIntoMyCore: 1

SimpleSnow: 1
23 Sledge My Hero Christine: 5 Christine
24 Santa Claus The Man with All the Cakes Anna Clair: 2

biniBningPunkista: 2

Eyeslikeatoms: 1

lovesmatch: 1
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Survey For a School Project
Please help out Chrisa (a regular AFF member) on her final exam project for school! It only takes a few minutes of your time. :)

"Hey guys~

I am currently in the final stages of working on my final exam project; if you have time and want to, could you please help me out by taking a few minutes to answer following survey regarding the website that I have created for my SSAEM story (which will still be continued on AFF, of course); everyone is more than welcome to participate - in fact, the more the merrier - even if you do not read SSAEM or have any knowledge about webdesign. It is completely anonymous, and all questions are optional to answer, so if you cannot answer some for a reason, no worries, just skip it! Only I will see the final results, and they will be used for educational purposes only.



It would also be much appreciated if you would share the link(s) and/or like the Facebook page. Thank you all, love Chrisa~"
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AFF Advent Calendar Guessing Game

The Guessing Game Badge

Participate in the AFF Advent Calendar Guessing Game to get a personalized badge!

  1. Read at least one (1) story written for the Advent Calendar.

  2. Guess who the anonymous author is and send me your answer.

  3. If your answer is correct, you'll get a badge that includes your penname and the number of stories you guess correctly.

If you'd like to cheat and ask authors what their stories are, go ahead but it's not fun and definitely not challenging. (In other words, please don't cheat because I try to make things more exciting and it's just disappointing if people all start cheating.) Don't guess based on the poster, the banner or the characters because you might be fooled. =) The best way is to read the story and recognize the writing style... but of course, you might also be fooled because a few people might have changed their writing style for the Advent Calendar. ~_^


  • You must be an AFF member.

  • You don't have to read all the stories to get a badge. The only requirement to get a badge is to read at least one (1) story and correctly guess who the anonymous author is. If you guess all the 24 stories correctly, you'll get a beautiful poster featuring your biases made by Anna Clair.

  • You have to send your answers using my Excel spreadsheet to Download the spreadsheet (right click, save target as): Choose either one depending on the version of your Excel - Excel 2013 or Excel 1997-2003

  • The deadline to send your answers is Dec 25th at 11:55 PM HAST. What time is it in your timezone? Click to find out.

  • The anonymous authors will be revealed on Dec 26th.

  • Writing a review is not a requirement to get a badge... HOWEVER, I highly recommend you to leave a comment if you like a story. A short message as simple as "I like your story." makes our lovely authors very happy. If you're a silent reader, please consider leaving a short comment. Christmas is all about giving and receiving, isn't it? =) Your favorite authors write stories for you, and you write them a short review. It's free and only takes 30 seconds.

Other Badges

Yes, you may earn other badges!

The Participant Badge: If you wrote a story for the Advent Calendar, you'll also get a badge that includes your penname and the word "Participant" or "I wrote for the Advent Calendar." (I haven't decided on the wording yet.)

The Reviewer Badge: If you review all the 24 stories, you'll get a reviewer badge that includes your penname and the word "Reviewer" or "I reviewed all the stories for the Advent Calendar." (I haven't decided on the wording yet.)

What are badges?

Badges are small images that will be shown in your AFF user profile under a new section called "Badges". The template of the badge is the same for everyone but it is personalized with your penname and the number of stories you guess correctly. For example, "I correctly guessed 3 stories." (I haven't decided on the wording yet.) One of our lovely graphic designers, Anna Clair, will be creating the template for the badges. =) Thank you Anna! <3

Who are the participants?

There are 17 authors in total:

  • 10 authors wrote one story

  • 7 authors wrote two stories

  • 16 authors agreed to reveal their penname in the list below (in alphabetical order).

Anna Clair 2
biniBningPunkista 1
Blossy 2
Christine 2
dove 1
englishrose85 2
Eyeslikeatoms 1
JumpIntoMyCore 2
Kristy 1
Kumohime 2
Lil Daisy 1
nitelotus 1
Ooper 1
SimpleSnow 1
YoonEunHyeFan 1
yukino78 2
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Please help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan!
My heart goes out to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and their families. ♥ I know that many AFF members are Filipino and I sincerely hope your family and friends are safe. It is absolutely devastating to see the impact of the typhoon on the Philippines. If you would like to help, you can donate to the Philippine Red Cross by clicking HERE. Below are other ways to help.

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AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2013

AFF Santa Claus needs your help!

AFF Santa Claus is in trouble! He would like to reward AFF writers for writing awesome stories. However, the elves got the flu and can't help him prepare gifts this year. Would you like to help him, become a Secret Santa Claus and participate in the AFF fic exchange?

What's an AFF fic exchange?

Christmas is all about giving and receiving. Each participant is a requester AND a Secret Santa Claus.

Writers who wish to participate must submit a list of 3 requests to AFF Santa Claus. AFF Santa Claus randomly assigns each requester to a Secret Santa Claus. Every Secret Santa Claus can only choose one request (story) to write.

Why is it exciting?

  • You don't know who your Secret Santa is.

  • You don't know which request (story) you're getting. (It's a secret gift!)


  • To become a participant (Secret Santa Claus), you must be an AFF writer (you have at least one approved story).

  • Story must be a one-shot of at least 1000 words.

  • Setting of the story must be related to one of these themes: Winter, Christmas or New Year. If the requester doesn't mention any of them in his/her request, you're responsible to include one of these themes in your story.

  • No story rated M. No explicit sexual scene. Sexual references are allowed.

  • In the request form, you'll be asked to let me know what type of stories (F/M, M/M, F/F) you're willing to write. Writers who solely write homosexual stories will be paired up.

  • You are willing to write a story for any category (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan). Characters are characters. Celebrities are only names we give our characters. If you don't know who [insert unknown actor/actress] is, pretend he/she is [insert your favorite actor/actress]. =)

  • All the AFF rules apply. You know the drill (no PWP, no script story, etc.)

  • Don't reveal to others, not even your AFF best friend nor your bete-reader, who you are Secret Santa Claus for. Of course, your beta-reader can't be the person who you are writing for.

  • If you are not good at following deadlines, please don't participate.

  • You're not allowed to post your secret gift (one-shot) on another web site (blog, fanfic archive, etc.) before I validate it on December 25th.

  • Please mention "I love Christmas!" when sending your requests (I want to make sure you've read the rules). If you don't mention it, your participation will NOT be approved.

What does a request look like?

A request is a plot idea. It can be anything (no sexual scenes though). It can be vague or detailed. Here are a few examples:

  • Matsumoto Jun proposes to Inoue Mao on Christmas Eve.

  • Ariel Lin discovers she's pregnant and doesn't know how to tell Joe Cheng, her boyfriend. (Even though the requester doesn't mention Christmas, New Year or Winter, your story must be related to one of these themes.)

  • Lee Da Hae, a girl who takes a lot of drugs, meets a new man on New Year and that man will change her life.

  • Raymond Lam wants to kill his bestfriend, Kenneth Ma, for raping his girlfriend. (Even though the requester doesn't mention Christmas, New Year or Winter, your story must be related to one of these themes.)

You can add more details if you wish. It's up to you. Original characters (OC) are allowed: Celebrity x OC (e.g. Yamapi x Christine, Ryo x Ayumu, etc.)


Oct 12 - Oct 31
  • Writers who wish to participate must send their 3 requests to AFF Santa Claus by November 8th.
  • AFF Santa Claus replies to your email to confirm you're officially a participant. You must answer him back to confirm your email address is valid.
Nov 1
  • AFF Santa Claus randomly assigns each requester to a Secret Santa Claus.

  • AFF Santa Claus emails each participant with his/her duty (who you are Secret Santa for).

Nov 1 - Dec 21Writing. Each Secret Santa Claus chooses to write one of the requests and sends an email to confirm which request he/she's chosen.
Dec 21Submitting (assignments due). All Secret Santa Claus must finish writing their one-shot by December 21st. Please include the following in your summary: Written for AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2013: story requested by penname
Dec 21 - Dec 25AFF Santa Claus checks if all the presents comply with the rules.
Dec 25AFF Santa Claus validates all fics and provides a master list of the requesters, their Secret Santa and a link to their secret gift.

How do you submit your requests?

Step 1. You must be logged in.

Step 2. Make sure you read the rules mentioned above and step 1.

Step 3. Please fill out the form here.


Q. Can I make a poster and a banner to accompany my secret gift?

A. Sure, you can but it's OPTIONAL.

Q. When I finish writing my secret gift, how do I submit it?

A. After you finish writing it, you submit it to AFF using your own account as usual. I'll validate it for public viewing on December 25th. Please type up Written for AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2013: story requested by penname in your story summary.

Q. If I finish my one-shot early, can I submit it to AFF?

A. Sure, but your story will be validated on December 25th.
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AFF Halloween Party

Admin: Bottle

Anna Clair: Flapper

biniBningPunkista: WickedWitchFromDWest, Wicked

Blossy: TheUglyStepSister

cahaya: YellowPooh

Eyeslikeatoms: TheEvilStepMother

ichigoyamada: Zombie

JumpIntoMyCore: FluffyPillow, Paper

Kristy: Haku, KohakuRiver

Kumohime: CreepyGhostGirl

nizzyool: PinkyTooth

Trice: Pumpkin

Uniquemikoto: Yuuko, VampireGirl

xjeshkarhluvskeiix: PoisonIvy

YoonEunHyeFan: VampirePumpkin

yukino78: SleepingBeauty, LoveAddict, MagicWand

Who were BatCat, TaeGongShil?

The Halloween Party will be held on October 26th at 10 AM EDT. What time

is it in your timezone? Click to find

out. The party lasts until the last person leaves. Please click on the poster below to read the




Click on the image to enlarge.

/>Halloween is coming soon! The proposed dates are Saturday Oct 26th or Nov 2nd. If you're

interested in joining us, please let us know when you're free (see steps below) EVERYBODY IS

INVITED! Please keep in mind that I'll choose the times where the most people are available.

(Considering the time zones and our individual schedules, it'll be hard to find a time where everyone is



1. Go to Doodle:

2. Change the timezone to YOURS. It's very important if you want this to work for you! There's a button

"Change" next to "Time zone: Eastern Time".

3. Enter your AFF penname in the input field and check the box for times that you are available. You

may edit (add or delete) your times anytime. Just hover your cursor over your penname and click on

the pencil to edit.

See you at the Halloween party! ~_^
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AFF Advent Calendar 2013
Update: Yay, the first AFF Advent Calendar is on its way! If you didn't get your random word, please me know.

Don't you love Christmas? I do! To celebrate Christmas, AFF is bringing you the... AFF Advent Calendar 2013!

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa


What's an Advent calendar?

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count down the first 24 days of December. It has 24 "windows", one for each day of December leading up to Christmas day. One window is opened every day to reveal a little treat (toy, chocolate, etc.)

What's the AFF Advent Calendar 2013?

The AFF Advent Calendar 2013 is OUR calendar used to count down the first 24 days of December. One window is opened every day to reveal a new story! (The gray image will be colored and linked to the new story.)

The AFF Advent Calendar is ANONYMOUS because each story will be posted anonymously under the penname "Anonymous Author" until the official reveal on December 25th.


Sep 8 - Sep 30Signing up
Oct 1 - Nov 25Writing
Nov 25Submitting (assignments due)
Dec 1 - Dec 24Validating a new story each day
Dec 25Revealing the participants

Signing up

There are 24 spots. If we don't have enough participants, this will be cancelled unfortunately. If we have more than 24 writers, I'll validate 2 stories/day.


  • To become a participant, you must be an AFF writer (you have at least one approved story).

  • Your story can be a poem, a drabble or a one-shot and must follow the rules. You know the drill. If you'd like to write a multi-chaptered story, it must be completed because it's a seasonal story. It is recommended to write a poem/drabble/one-shot if you think you'll not complete your multi-chaptered story on time.

  • Your story must be related to Christmas, December or Winter.

  • I'm going to give each of you a random word. You must include that word at least once in your story (Make the narrator or one of your characters say it. No, your plot doesn't have to revolve around that word. I just want you to mention it once.). Your word is associated with an image in the calendar. For example, if your word is reindeer, your story will be validated on December 22th.

  • This is an anonymous activity and I'd like to keep it anonymous until December 25th. Please do NOT post your story elsewhere until the reveal. Do not tell anyone other than your beta-reader the content of your story, nor what your word/image is.

  • Please mention "Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way!" when you sign up (I want to make sure you've read the rules). If you don't mention it, your participation will NOT be approved.

Scheduling Conflict with NaNoWriMo

I know that some of you will be participating in NaNoWriMo. If this is your case, please let me know. You'll be able to submit your story for the AFF Advent Calendar much later (and your story will be one of the last ones to be validated obviously).


If you finish your story early, you may submit it to AFF anytime.

Deadline for submitting your story: November 25th


I'll move all the stories to the account of "Anonymous Author" and validate a new story each day of December. You will know beforehand when your story will be validated because the word I'll give you represents one of the images/spots on the calendar.


On December 25th, I'll move each story back to the account of the participant.

Why are you promoting this so early?! It's still September...

  • NaNoWriMo: Because people who wish to participate in NaNoWriMo may decide to write their story for the AFF Advent Calendar in October and then write their novel for NaNoWriMo in November. They have a full month for each work. But as mentioned above, they may submit their story for the calendar much later.

  • Christmas Fic Exchange: There's a Christmas fic exchange every year since 2010. I think it's become a tradition for some regular authors. I will host it as long as there are at least 2 participants. If you want to see the timeline for the fic exchange, click here.

I know it's hard to write a Christmas/Winter story in October and November, so my tip is to listen to Christmas songs to get in the mood lol.

Why are there no prompts like the anniversary fest?

For the AFF Advent Calendar, it's not necessary to use prompts from other people. You may use your own ideas. If you need a prompt, you may use the random word I'll give you or one of the fest prompts here. You may only choose a prompt that isn't taken yet. If you're going to use one of the fest prompts, please let me know so I can mark it as taken.

Still interested? Sign up!

Step 1. You must be logged in.

Step 2. Make sure you've read the rules mentioned above and step 1.

Step 3. Please fill out the form here.

Credit: The idea of the Advent calendar was inspired by the Dramione Advent Calendar.
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New improved layout
OMG GOOD NEWS FOR AVID READERS! I was finally able to tweak the bookshelf feature so you know what chapter you left off on!!! Before today, the site couldn't track the last chapter you read for the stories on your Currently Reading Shelf. Thus, by default, the last chapter you read is "Chapter 0" (which is the Table of Contents). So now you have the last time you read the story AND the last chapter you read. These info will automatically get updated every time you read a story. =)

Heads up! If you see "Chapter 0", it could be because:

- As I mentioned earlier, since the last chapter feature is new, all the last chapters you read are by default "Chapter 0".

- You read a chapter and for some reason went back to the Table of Contents (ToC). The last "chapter" you left off on was the ToC.

- You added a new story to your Currently Reading Shelf but never started reading it yet, so obviously the last "chapter" you read is "Chapter 0".

- If you still get "Chapter 0" for the reasons that aren't mentioned, please let me know and I'll fix it for you. I found many duplicate entries in the databases (probably because some people clicked twice on the "Add to Currently Reading Shelf" link), and this explains the bug. I'll delete the duplicate entries later.

NEW FEATURE: Avatars next to your reviews and comments! How can you upload your own avatar? Click here.

UPDATE #1: For those who like to keep track of the last chapter you reviewed (Account Info > Reviews Written or AFF Profile > Reviews), your reviews are now ordered by last date reviewed.

UPDATE #2: I fixed the Who's Online box (not the Members part, but the Guests part because it was buggy). It is accurate now.

Welcome to the improved layout! AFF is now mobile and tablet friendly! Please clear your browser's cache and refresh the site to see the changes. Click here if you need instructions.

I was getting REALLY tired of the previous layout (especially the sidebar) but I never had time during the school year to do anything about it. And I hated using the mobile site on my phone. I absolutely love the current web design trend, which is a clean and minimalist layout (like!), but I'm not sure if most of you like it, so I tried to stick with the old layout and added some minimalist stuff.


- The biggest change is of course the fact that the layout is mobile and tablet friendly! Try it and let me know how it goes! =) (The mobile site will be discontinued!)

- Cleaner sidebar

- Faster loading time (perhaps you don't see much a difference if you have a new computer, but it loads faster on my old laptop XD)

- New boxes for Login and Account Info

- New fields for your AFF profile taht reflect the current social media trends: Chatango, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

- Larger font (it's part of the design for mobiles and tablets)

- Larger forms

- Etc.

If there's any bugs or issues, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know (please send me a screenshot if possible). Thank you so much!
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