AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2015
AFF Santa Claus needs your help!
AFF Santa Claus is in trouble! He would like to reward AFF writers for writing awesome stories. However, the elves got the flu and can't help him prepare gifts this year. Would you like to help him, become a Secret Santa Claus and participate in the AFF fic exchange?
What's an AFF fic exchange?
Christmas is all about giving and receiving. Each participant is a requester AND a Secret Santa Claus.

Writers who wish to participate must submit a list of 3 requests to AFF Santa Claus. AFF Santa Claus randomly assigns each requester to a Secret Santa Claus. Every Secret Santa Claus can only choose one request (story) to write.
Why is it exciting?
  • You don't know who your Secret Santa is.
  • You don't know which request (story) you're getting. (It's a secret gift!)
  • To become a participant (Secret Santa Claus), you must be an AFF writer (you have at least one approved story).
  • Story must be a drabble of about 500 words (but you can write more if you wish).
  • Setting of the story must be related to one of these themes: Winter, Christmas or New Year. If the requester doesn't mention any of them in his/her request, you're responsible to include one of these themes in your story.
  • No story rated M. No explicit sexual scene. Sexual references are allowed.
  • In the request form, you'll be asked to let me know what type of stories (F/M, M/M, F/F) you're willing to write. Writers who solely write homosexual stories will be paired up.
  • You are willing to write a story for any category (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan). Characters are characters. Celebrities are only names we give our characters. If you don't know who [insert unknown actor/actress] is, pretend he/she is [insert your favorite actor/actress]. =)
  • All the AFF rules apply. You know the drill (no PWP, no script story, etc.)
  • Don't reveal to others, not even your AFF best friend nor your bete-reader, who you are Secret Santa Claus for. Of course, your beta-reader can't be the person who you are writing for.
  • If you are not good at following deadlines, please don't participate.
  • You're not allowed to post your secret gift (one-shot) on another web site (blog, fanfic archive, etc.) before I validate it on December 25th.
  • Please mention "I love Christmas!" when sending your requests (I want to make sure you've read the rules). If you don't mention it, your participation will NOT be approved.
What does a request look like?
A request is a plot idea. It can be anything (no sexual scenes though). It can be vague or detailed. Here are a few examples:

  • Matsumoto Jun proposes to Inoue Mao on Christmas Eve.
  • Ariel Lin discovers she's pregnant and doesn't know how to tell Joe Cheng, her boyfriend. (Even though the requester doesn't mention Christmas, New Year or Winter, your story must be related to one of these themes.)
  • Lee Da Hae, a girl who takes a lot of drugs, meets a new man on New Year and that man will change her life.
  • Raymond Lam wants to kill his bestfriend, Kenneth Ma, for raping his girlfriend. (Even though the requester doesn't mention Christmas, New Year or Winter, your story must be related to one of these themes.)
You can add more details if you wish. It's up to you. Original characters (OC) are allowed: Celebrity x OC (e.g. Yamapi x Christine, Ryo x Ayumu, etc.)
Nov 1 - Nov 15
  • Writers who wish to participate must send their 3 requests to AFF Santa Claus by November 15th.
  • AFF Santa Claus replies to your email to confirm you're officially a participant. You must answer him back to confirm your email address is valid.
Nov 16
  • AFF Santa Claus randomly assigns each requester to a Secret Santa Claus.
  • AFF Santa Claus emails each participant with his/her duty (who you are Secret Santa for).
Nov 16 - Dec 23Writing. Each Secret Santa Claus chooses to write one of the requests and sends an email to confirm which request he/she's chosen.
Dec 23Submitting (assignments due). All Secret Santa Claus must finish writing their one-shot by December 23rd. Please include the following in your summary: Written for AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2015: story requested by penname
Dec 23 - Dec 25AFF Santa Claus checks if all the presents comply with the rules.
Dec 25AFF Santa Claus validates all fics and provides a master list of the requesters, their Secret Santa and a link to their secret gift.
How do you submit your requests?
Step 1. You must be logged in.
Step 2. Make sure you read the rules mentioned above and step 1.
Step 3. Please fill out the form here.
Here are the badges you may earn:

The Reviewer Badge: given to members who have read and reviewed all the stories written for the Christmas fic exchange. There's no deadline. When you're done reviewing, please send me an email to let me know.

The Writer Badge: given to authors who have written one (1) story for the Christmas fic exchange.
What are badges?
Badges are small images that are shown in your AFF user profile under the tab "Badges". One of our lovely graphic designers, Anna Clair, creates badges for us. =)
Q. Can I make a poster and a banner to accompany my secret gift?
A. Sure, you can but it's OPTIONAL.

Q. When I finish writing my secret gift, how do I submit it?
A. After you finish writing it, you submit it to AFF using your own account as usual. I'll validate it for public viewing on December 25th. Please type up Written for AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2015: story requested by penname in your story summary.

Q. If I finish my one-shot early, can I submit it to AFF?
A. Sure, but your story will be validated on December 25th.
posted by Admin on Nov 02, 2015 02:47 AM