AFF Art Exchange 2015

Would you like to be a Secret Friend for the AFF Art Exchange 2015?
What's an AFF art exchange?
An art exchange is like a fic exchange but with graphics (banner, poster, wallpaper, drawing, etc.). It's all about giving and receiving. Each participant is a requester AND a Secret Friend.

People who wish to participate must submit a list of 3 requests. I will randomly assign each requester to a Secret Friend. Every Secret Friend can only choose one request (graphic).
Why is it exciting?
  • You don't know who your Secret Friends is.
  • You don't know which request (graphic) you're getting. (It's a secret gift!)
  • To become a participant (Secret Friend), you must be an AFF member and a member of the forum.
  • If you choose to make a banner, a poster or a character chart, you must follow the rules as usual. Reminder: The max width for a poster/character chart is 800 pixels. The EXACT size for a banner is 700 x 110 pixels.
  • There's no theme unless the requester specifies it.
  • You are willing to create a graphic that includes a celebrity from any country.
  • Don't reveal to others, not even your AFF best friend, who you are Secret Friend for.
  • If you are not good at following deadlines, please don't participate.
  • Please mention "I love artwork!" when sending your requests (I want to make sure you've read the rules). If you don't mention it, your participation will NOT be approved.
  • You'll get a badge (created by Anna Clair) in your AFF profile for participating. =)

Mar 14 - April 5
  • People who wish to participate must send their 3 requests to me by March 28th.
  • I reply to your email to confirm you're officially a participant. You must answer me back to confirm your email address is valid.
April 6
  • I randomly assign each requester to a Secret Friend.
  • I email each participant with his/her duty (who you are Secret Friend for).
April 6 - May 1Creating. Each Secret Friend chooses to create one of the requests and sends me an email to confirm which request he/she's chosen.
May 1Submitting (assignments due). All Secret Friends must finish creating and submit their artwork by May 1st.
May 2
  • I check if all the presents comply with the rules.
  • I validate all graphics on May 1st and provide a list of the requesters, their Secret Friend and a link to their secret gift.
How do you submit your requests?
  1. Register to the forum if you haven't already. Please read the info in the red box to ensure your registration goes well. Click on the link contained in the email to verify your email address and complete the registration process.
  2. When your registration to the forum is complete, please fill out the form here.
Q. Should I put "Artwork by MyPenname" on the poster/banner/character chart/wallpaper/drawing/etc.?
A. Of course, it's mandatory! It's your work after all. =)

Q. Can I write a story to accompany my artwork?
A. No. It's an art exchange.

Q. If I finish my artwork early, can I submit it to the forum?
A. Sure, but your artwork will be approved on May 2nd. Everyone will get to see their secret gift the same day.

Q. When I'm done creating my secret gift, how do I submit it?
  1. Login to your forum account.
  2. Click on "Create a New Discussion".
  3. In "Discussion Title", copy-paste [2015] To: Penname - From: Penname
  4. Make sure the category is "AFF Art Exchange".
  5. You may add a short message if you wish. Click on the image button to insert the link of your image.
  6. Click on "Post Discussion". Your post is pending for approval until May 2nd. No one can see what your secret gift is.
  7. You may edit your post anytime by clicking on "Edit". There's a screenshot below.
posted by Admin on Mar 14, 2015 09:47 PM