AFF Cupid Mailing Service

Remember back in elementary school we used to send secret cards to our crush and friends on Valentine's Day? Well, you can experience this on AFF because AFF brings you... the AFF Cupid Mailing Service! This is a good opportunity to show your AFF friends how much you appreciate them. Valentine's Day is not just for couples!
General Rules
  • To participate, you must be a AFF member. If you're a reader, you can send a drabble, a banner or a poster to your favorite authors and your AFF friends! If you're a writer, you can send a drabble, a banner or a poster to your regular reviewers, your favorite authors and your AFF friends!
  • If you choose to:
    • write a story, it must be a DRABBLE between 100 and 500 words! However, if you wish to write more, feel free to do so. =)
    • create a banner for an author's story, it must be exactly 700 x 110 pixels.
    • create a poster for an author's story, the width must not exceed 800 pixels.
  • It's a secret gift! Remain anonymous until February 14th. After February 14th, you can choose to either remain anonymous or ask AFF Cupid to reveal your identity.
  • You can send as many secret gifts as you want to all your friends.
Other Rules & Steps
  1. Login to your email account. (It must be the same as the one in your AFF profile and yes I'll check. This is the only way I can verify you're a AFF member.)
  2. Send your gift (story, banner or poster) as email attachment to Please don't send all your secret gifts in a single email. One secret gift = One email. This will make AFF Cupid's task easier.

    Please copy-paste the form below and specify the following in your email for EVERY secret gift you would like to send (otherwise AFF Cupid won't deliver your gift!). If your drabble comes with a banner or a poster, you may send them at the same time.

    Your AFF penname:
    Your recipient's AFF penname:

    To: (it can be the recipient's AFF penname or real name)
    Type of gift: drabble, poster or banner
    Personal Message: (optional)

    Please answer this question. After February 14th, I would like to:
    a) remain anonymous for this secret gift.
    b) ask AFF Cupid to reveal my identity for this secret gift.

  3. AFF Cupid will deliver your secret gift to the recipient as quickly as possible (within 24-48 hours). You'll be notified when it's delivered. If you choose to reveal your identity after February 14th, AFF Cupid will send an email to the recipient to let him/her know your identity.
Q. What is a drabble?
A. A true drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly 100 words in length. However, when a story is referred to as a drabble, it often is a short scene or idea that does not tell an entire story, or a story at all (about 500 words). A drabble is a challenge to perfectly describe a thought with only necessary words. -Wikipedia

Q. Will you check if my drabble complies with the site rules?
A. No, no, your drabble is a gift. However, if you wish to submit your drabble to AFF after February 14th, yes, I'll be checking.

posted by Admin on Jan 20, 2015 06:58 PM

cahaya posted on Mar 03, 2015 09:00 AM

thank you Annie for this wonderful AFF Cupid Mailing Service ...i received one from Blossy ...tq sis for beautiful poster .... muahss ^_^ ;)