Song for You by Citrus Sunscreen
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Chapter 1 by Citrus Sunscreen
Author's Notes:
Title: Song for You
Type: Oneshot
Characters: Yunho, Junsu
Pairing: HoSu
Rating: PG
Warning: AU
Length: ~1,240
Prompt: kpop_prompts on LJ: opt#4 - #004: Endless Symphony
A/N: Piano is beautiful.
“So you’ll like to purchase this house?” the realtor asks his client.

Yunho nods confidently, “yes, I’d love to”. He takes another look around the small living room, his fingers lightly grazing over the dusty piano.

“The family is also selling that piano, if you’re interested” the realtor tells Yunho, a big smile on his face.

Yunho’s expressions light up considerably when he hears so, “that would be fantastic, I’m really drawn to this piano.”

He doesn’t even wonder why he bought a piano when he couldn’t play it in the first place.




It’s a small and dusty house. But Yunho diligently cleans the house, it was small but comfortable. And he was ecstatic when he got it for such a low price. He had heard that the previous owner had passed away a while ago, leaving his house to his family. Walking up to the piano, Yunho gently wiped the dust off with a damp cloth. He wondered what kind of music the previous owner played on the piano. It was an old piano, wooden but still majestic looking. The ivory keys were kept in a beautiful condition, neither chipped or turning yellow.

He presses a key and a soft sound vibrates in his ear. It was gentle, like the touch of cotton. Yunho smiled to himself. Even though he knew nothing about music, he knew the piano needed tuning. But to him, the sound of the keys were beautiful enough to not be tuned. And it wasn’t like he was going to play, after all he didn’t know how to.

It was late at night when Yunho was lying on his bed, staring at his ceiling, hoping he will become tired and sleep. It wasn’t long after he had closed his eyes a soft melody reaches his ears. Immediately, Yunho opens his eyes. And the melody stops. Closing his eyes again, the melody starts again. Yunho’s lips form into a small smile when he recognises the piece as Mozart’s Sonata in C minor, K457. And before he knew it, Yunho was already drifting back to sleep.

A similar pattern happened the next night as well, when Yunho closed his eyes and was softly lulled to sleep, he would hear the melody of distinct piano keys. Chopin’s Nocturne OP. 55, No. 1, it had been a while since he last heard it. However this time, when Yunho opened his eyes, the song did not stop, it kept playing, and he could hear it clearer. Sitting up in his bed, Yunho smiled sweetly at the song. He could feel it run through all his veins and touch his soul.

Putting on a night gown, Yunho quietly left his bedroom, instinctively walking over to where the music was coming from. He found himself standing by the door to where the old piano he had been entranced was. And there, there was a man with pale skin, probably in his early twenties, curled fingers dancing across the piano keys, eyes closed, without a care to the world.

As soon as the Chopin’s Nocturne OP. 55 finished, Yunho found himself bringing his hands together to applaud the pianist.

Immediately, the pianist opened his eyes and stared straight at Yunho with shock. As quick as the wind, the pianist disappeared right in front of Yunho’s eyes. A little startled, Yunho blinked a couple of times looked around to see where the mysterious pianist had disappeared to. When he found no one but himself and the old piano in his dimly lit living room, Yunho rubbed his eyes before proceeding to climb back into his bed, passing off his strange encounter as a trick on his eyes.

The night after, Yunho found himself doing the same thing, closing his eyes, ready for sleep, only to be blessed with the melody of a beautiful song that rekindled childhood memories of Christmas, Schubert’s March Militaire. Once again, Yunho puts on his dressing gown and heads towards his living room, mesmerised by the succinct song.

This time, Yunho walks up to the piano instead of just standing by the doorway. He watches closely as the man plays, he looks at the soft smile, long eyelashes and neat hair. He admires the round fingers on the piano keys, the creativity and concentration the man possesses. And when the song finishes, Yunho does not applaud, he merely stares at the other, waiting for the other man to open his eyes.

He didn’t need to wait long. He is met with the same surprised expression from the other night.

Yunho quickly raises his hands and whispers, “please, don’t go. I just want to hear your piano.”

The other man’s expressions soften and takes a good look at Yunho before looking back at the piano, his graceful fingers running over the piano keys.

“What’s your name?” Yunho asks, albeit hesitantly but otherwise confident and full of excitement, “I’m Yunho.”

The man looks back at Yunho and speaks quietly, “Junsu.”

Nodding, Yunho gives Junsu a bright smile, which was after a bit of staring, was returned. Hastily, Yunho pulls up another chair to the piano and sits, his eyes staring at Junsu. “Do continue, I don’t wish to disturb, I just want to listen and appreciate.”

Junsu looks back at the piano, his fingers already in position for the next song, “Debussy. Golliwog’s Cake-walk.”

As the nights slowly crawled by, Yunho found himself spending each night by his piano, listening to a man called Junsu play, he listened to a variety of composers thereafter, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Handel, Schumann, Scarlatti, Bach, Brahms and so many other songs. Yunho found that as the nights passed by, Junsu would smile a little more, talk to him a little more, and before Yunho knew it, he was anticipating the next time Junsu would smile at him, laugh at his corny jokes.

“Do you think you can teach me piano?” Yunho asks Junsu one night.

Junsu looks queerly at Yunho, “why? All of a sudden...”

“There are pieces with four hands right? I was thinking, I’d like to play with you, one day”, Yunho explains, bubbly.

Junsu looks at his own hands and then at Yunho’s hands, “it’s better if we have two pianos for four hands.”

“Oh?” Yunho ponders, wondering when he should order another piano.

“You can get another piano when you’re good enough” Junsu answers Yunho’s silent question.

Yunho nods and looks determinedly at Junsu.

With a melancholy look in his eyes, Junsu places a weightless hand on Yunho’s shoulder, “I’ll be here so long as the piano is here, so don’t worry.”

Closing his eyes, Yunho wants to feel Junsu’s hand, but he knows he can’t. He wants to feel Junsu’s warm skin, but he knows it’s not possible. All that was reaching him was a sweet voice and the piano.

“And when I die”, Yunho speaks, opening his eyes to look at Junsu, “I’ll be right here with you and the piano.”

Junsu laughs quietly, “keep tempting me, and I’ll be the one to kill you.”

Yunho smiles at Junsu. He tries to hold the other’s hand but he knows he’s just grasping air and answers with coolness, “I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all.”

Taking his hand back, Junsu smiles wryly, “I don’t mind at either, if it’s you who will endlessly join me and my symphony of songs.”

And Yunho wonders if now is the right time to join death.

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