Challenge: All I Want Is You

All I Want Is You issued by TsukushiTsukasa

For Mukashi No Otoko/昔の男/Ex-Lover fans: All I Want Is You

What if Akari chose to marry Hayato back in episode 9? Would she realize, deep down, that she had been in love with Hayato all along or will she never be able to forget her first love? And what about Hayato? Will he finally see that he has fallen in love with Akari, although he knows he will always love his first wife? Is that why he was "abandoning his beliefs in order to marry Akari"? But more importantly, could he be the kind of father he needs to be for the sake of their future children? The cast: Fujiwara Norika as Hara Akari Hiroshi Abe as Kitazawa Hayato

Categories: Japanese Entertainment
Characters involved: None

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