Challenge: Two Sides of One Coin

Two Sides of One Coin issued by Chrisa

Every coin got two sides - heads and tails - that are different from each other, yet they are the same.
This can also be applied to life - you might have two persons telling the same story, but differently.
That's what this challenge is about; to tell the same story, but from two (or more) point-of-views.

- Write a story split in two parts (or more, depending on how many characters you use)
- Each part must contain the exact same story, but from different POVs
- You may use either 1st person (I, you, etc.) or 3rd person (she, he, etc.)
- The story can be about anything, of any length and style
- All entertainments, including original, are allowed
- All genres are allowed, including yaoi and yuri

She hurried down the street, already late for her appointment, and so she didn't even notice the stone sticking up from the ground. Her foot hit it, and she stumbled forward, as if in slow-motion, before the ground came crashing up into her face. Laying there in the dirt, she just wanted to cry. "Are you okay?" She slowly opened her eyes and saw a hand offered her. "Here, let me help you." She took it and got pulled back onto her feet. "Thank you..." She mumbled, then glanced at the other person's face and blushed.
2; He strolled down the street, simply enjoying the beautiful weather, since he got all the time in the world today. Someone rushed past him, and something about that person made him turn his head and look. A pretty girl with long hair wavering after her. But before he could get a better look, the girl tumbled forward and fell to the ground. He hurried to her side. "Are you okay?" He asked, worried, and held out his hand. "Here, let me help you." The girl took his hand, and it was the softest thing he had ever touched. But it was her face that really took his breath away.

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