Challenge: How Can You Want Me?

How Can You Want Me? issued by TsukushiTsukasa

How Can You Want Me?

Kuroki Airi (Ichikawa Yui) was studying to become a Violinist when she met a man named, Sasaki Hayate (Shirota Yu) who was finishing his studies to become an Actor. At first, it was anything but a love story. Soon they discovered that Airi's older sister, Mayumi (Sato Megumi) was marrying Hayate's older brother, Naoko (Ito Hideaki).

Could they stop hating one another and realize they fell in love? After so much hated, misunderstandings; it is revealed that Nishimura Daiki (Haru Aoyama), Hayate's best friend is in love with Airi. Mayumi was even telling Airi she could go for Daiki. So who is Airi's choice? The man she knew was a considerate Prince or the one man she can not stand maybe the one man she may not be able to resist by the name of Hayate Sasaki? Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance

Categories: Japanese Entertainment
Characters involved: Haru Aoyama, Ichikawa Yui, Ito Hideaki, Sato Megumi, Shirota Yu

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