Challenge: Mr. Arrogant Challenge

Mr. Arrogant Challenge issued by theHottestVIP

Write a story about a male celebrity of your choice and a girl (can be a fictional character or another celebrity) that he has to win over. The girl must initially not like the guy because he’s so arrogant.

You can write from either the girl’s point of view or the guy’s point of view. You can make the girl fall for him in the end or reject him. It’s your choice!

You MUST include:

1. The quote, “Are you really that self-centered?” from the girl. 2. The quote, “Ha. Ha. Very funny.” From either the boy or the girl.


Number of entries allowed: As many as you like

Length: As long as you want

Deadline: None

Submission: You must click on “Respond to the challenge” after submitting your story for approval.

Summary: You may give a short summary but you MUST include the challenge’s name. Use the following template: “Written for the Mr. Arrogant Challenge”

Category: Any category

Characters: Any artists, any fictional characters

Genre: Any genre

Warning: Proper warning if necessary

Story Type: What you want

Categories: Filipino Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment, Japanese Entertainment, Korean Entertainment, Mainland Chinese Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment, Original Fiction
Characters involved: None

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