Challenge: Language Barrier

Language Barrier issued by Aero

Your challenge is to write a story in which the two main characters don't speak the same language and have a hard time communicating with each other.

1. Have a beginning.
2. Have a middle.
3. Have an end.
4. Have fun!

Categories: Filipino Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment, Japanese Entertainment, Korean Entertainment, Mainland Chinese Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment, Original Fiction
Characters involved: None

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Just Understand by Ooper – Rating: K – Chapters: 1 – Reviews: 3

No, she could not understand him. No, he could not understand her. But the moon kept them sheltered, and eventually they found their way to each other. They found their way home.
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: Language Barrier
Characters: NEWS: Koyama Keiichiro
Story Type: One-Shot – Genres: Romance – Warnings: Fictional Character(s)
Published: Jun 29, 2011 – Updated: Jul 03, 2011 – Word Count: 1276 words – Read Count: 550 – Completed: Yes

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