Challenge: One-Shot Challenge #8: Chocolate Love

One-Shot Challenge #8: Chocolate Love issued by noiha

*heck. I know the challenge's title is lame. xD

Challenge: Write a one-shot about a girl confessing love to a boy in Valentine's day. The girl must give the boy an edible chocolate as a present -- in any form of food (ex. chocolate truffle or chocolate cupcake). Be creative in the way she gives the chocolate, for example, you don't have to make her gives the chocolate directly.

General Rules

Number of entries allowed: As many as you like
Length: Maximum 1402 words, Ms.Word word count (story only, minus paragraph's break and song lyrics if you want to add song in your story)
Deadline: -
Submission: You must click on "Respond to the challenge" after submitting your story for approval
Title: You must include the word "chocolate" OR "love" (you can use both of them or only one of them) in your title
Summary: You may give a short summary but you MUST write the challenge's title and the setting you choose. (ex. Written for "One-Shot Challenge #8: Chocolate Love". Setting: Middle school, in the canteen)
Categories: Original Fiction is not allowed
Characters: Any Asian male artist AND female OC (female celebs aren't allowed) as the main characters (you can add female celebs as the side characters if you want).
Settings: All of the characters must be in their middle school, high school, or college/campus. Choose one of these locations (Notes: The story can take place anywhere, but the confession must be done here):
- Middle school, in the empty classroom
- Middle school, in the canteen
- Middle school, in the basketball court
- High school, in the school backyard
- High school, on top of the school roof
- High school, in the club's room
- College/Campus, in front of the gate
- College/Campus, in the library
- College/Campus, under the cherry tree
Rating: K-T
Genre: Any genre
Warning: Appropriate warning if necessary, but Yaoi/Yuri and explicit sexual scenes are prohibited.
Story Type: One-shot

Credit: Challenges taken from Indonesian fanfiction forum but I add more rules.

Any question or suggestion please contact me privately from my profile page or write in the tagboard.

Categories: Filipino Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment, Japanese Entertainment, Korean Entertainment, Mainland Chinese Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment
Characters involved: None

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