Challenge: The Masked Kidnappers Reality TV Show Challenge

The Masked Kidnappers Reality TV Show Challenge issued by Tierra

Challenge: This is a reality tv show where a random boy bands/idols kidnaps a random 5 random people from anywhere in the world, and that person has one month to guest who they are by clues they receive. One of the idols is head of the kidnapping ( That meanse he gets to choose who to kidnap), and he would be in charge of the house and all the inhabitants. (Not really a tv show)



Number of entries allowed: As many as you like
Length: none
Deadline: None
Submission: You must click on "Respond to the challenge" after submitting your drabble for approval.
Title: Any title is fine.
Summary: You may give a short summary but you MUST include the challenge's name, the prompt.
Categories: Any category
Characters: Any Asian artist or your own Asian original character (category: original fiction)
Rating: Any rating
Genre: Any genre
Warning: Appropriate warning if necessary.
Story Type: any

Don't forget to have fun with it!!! :)

Categories: Filipino Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment, Japanese Entertainment, Korean Entertainment, Mainland Chinese Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment, Original Fiction
Characters involved: None

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