Challenge: The Snowstorm Challenge

The Snowstorm Challenge issued by MiMi_

It's that time of year again; Christmas! The most magical moment of the entire year. It's Christmas Eve and you were at your workplace. Your boss went home early to set up his/her Christmas party, leaving you and your co-worker behind to watch the shop until the proper closing hour. The snow starts pouring down, slowly, but effectively, when finally it cuts out the electricity. You were stranded because the door was jammed shut because of the unshoveled snow, but the front door and back. Your co-worker tells you that you two might as well stay there until your boss comes back the next day. You wonder how could that happen, when it would be Christmas Day... You were going to have to spend your Christmas at your workplace with your male co-worker, when some funny things start to go on. What will happen? That's for you to decide :) Merry Christmas, everyone! Ho ho ho!

Reminder from Admin: Make sure your entry is written in the first or third person. Stories written in the second point of view won't be validated.

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