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Ooper x Koyama Keiichiro

Talia Koyama Member
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Talia and Keiichiro were best friends before they realized that they were actually in love. Funny how it happened too, because they were eating ice cream and laughing at the sprinkles on Keii's face when all of a sudden he stopped and just said, "I love you so much, Talia." And she had grinned and looked away, but she nodded.
He knew that meant, "I love you, too," so he took her hand and laced their fingers and they have been even more inseparable since then.


  • That's so cute!!!!!!!!!!! I have one too but you already read this XD

    Talia looked at the people around her, she had wanted to go out with her friends for a long time and she was feeling excited to be in this new club. 
    Her work was getting her frustrated and she needed to relax...badly.

    Christine and Lillith where off dancing somewhere together, Jannie had gone to the bar, enamored with the barman and Emma was trying hard not to blush too hard while a guy was flirting with her.

    She sighed, so much for a girls night out. She looked fabulous in her short black shorts, white top with silver circles around her cleavage and black stilettos. Her hair was pulled back in a sleek ponytail and she was wearing her favorite pair of loop earrings.

    She was determined to have fun and decided to try to find her friends so she could dance. She stepped onto the dance floor and she felt his eyes on her body. The moment she noticed him looking at her, her breath froze on her lips. 

    She felt his intense gaze creeping over her body as she felt herself getting hot. He licked his lips seductively as he made his way slowly towards her through the crowd. 

    He stopped in front of her, putting his hands on her hips and gently moving them with the beat of the music. Tali lost herself to his touch and unconsciously leaned her lower body forward, gently pressing it against his. 

    They danced with the music, feeling as if their bodies were hypnotized and they were lost on each other's presence. She hadn't felt like this in a while and it was probably since the last time she saw him. He had always had a way of making her feel like she was on top of the world and tonight she could feel it in her bones that he was going to rock her world. 

    He smiled at her, sliding his hands over her waist, making her shiver. Talia wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her hips against his, making his shirt ride up slightly, revealing his tanned skin. Her fingers itched to slide under his shirt and feel his warm skin against hers. 

    He leaned forwards, putting his face even closer to hers, turning to whisper in her ear.  His hot breath landed on her ear as he said, "Do you want to go somewhere more private?" 

    She turned to look at him and smiled slightly, letting her hands slide down his arms.  She put her finger on his full lips and said, "I'm not playing this fame any more, either you ask me out properly or this is goodbye."

    He widened his eyes as he looked at her, his mouth open slightly. He smiled as he recovered from his shock and took her hand in his, pulling her towards him. "I wasn't sure you still wanted me..." he said, making her heart beat faster.

    "I've never stopped wanting you Koyama..." she found herself saying, just before he closed the space between them with a kiss.
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