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How to Plan Your Story?

Hi! \(^^,)

I have some questions to ask.

I always wondered how you writers able to write very interesting story line, especially novel.
I always wanted to write story. I have a lot of ideas. Every time some crazy ideas pop-up, I will jot it down. But seriously I don't know how to start and kind of scarred if I'll stuck in the middle, can't finish it, messy plot blablabla etc.

So, I would like to ask how actually you people did it??
How do you start it? How do you do the chapters?
Do you already have the whole plot for the story? Till the ending?
How do you arrange it?

Sorry for tons of questions.
Hope you can help me with some tricks and tips. Thank you (-^___^-)


  • How do I start a story? I just do. I like to write down the whole plot in order to not get lost in the middle, or got carried away by an interesting twist. But the most important thing is to just start. Practice makes perfect really works here. I also read a lot for inspirations and to acquire simple facts about little things like the eye color on Asian people, or what it feels like in winter (since I live in the tropics, this particular information is important because I don't have the experience.)

    The beginning of a story can be:
    1. A description of the surrounding area of the scene
    2. A description of an important character
    3. A crucial conversation
    4. A description of the character's feeling
    5. Basically anything!

    So don't be afraid, just start writing whatever is in your head, no matter how little. You can start with a drabble or a short one-shot. It will get better over time.

    To wrap it up, I'm not a professional writer, so this is just me sharing what i love to do, and that is writing. Hope you find the passion too!
    Hugs for the hunnyhugs =))
  • Honestly, hunny jun, when I first started thinking about writing, I went to the writing resources page on AsianFanFiction and read through every link. Then it's literally just all about sitting down and writing. And writing. And writing. As you write, you'll find out if you're the type of writer that can just start with an idea and write the whole story from it, or if you're more like me and have to have a basic plot outline for the whole story before you start writing.

    So, that's my suggestion. Read through the writing resources and then just start writing. I hope that helps! Good luck!
  • The link with writing resources is very useful, really.
    The way I write varies with the story. I do find it's easier if I know the plot before hand, or at least where I'm going (specially when it comes to longer stories)

    I really think it's a matter of sitting down and just do it. If you don't feel confident you can start with something short or just the description of a scene and maybe it's good to have someone to read it for you and give you pointers or ideas on how to improve.

    I hope this was at least a little helpful :)
  • hunny jun Member
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    Hi! @Kumohime @SouthWest @burningzoul

    Seriously thank you for sharing all the helpful tips and advice.
    I feel really happy and grateful to know you people.
    I'll do my best to come up with nice story and I hope you guys will able to read and give some feedback.

    Again, thank you thank you for your time. (-^___________^-)
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