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[JMale] Nishikido Ryo

Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
edited October 2013 in Asian Celebrities


Name:           Nishikido Ryo
D.O.B:           November 3, 1984
Birth Place:   Osaka, Japan
Height:          169.9cm
Blood Type:   O

TV Shows






  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer

    Ryo-kun's birthday is coming soon! And as a BIG fan I wanted to do something for me. And was wondering if anyone wanted to join me...

    On the 3rd of November those who want to participate to celebrate his birthday, please post either a One-shot, Drabble, Poem, Poster, Banner, Video or even just a little message to wish him a happy birthday here!

    I look forward to the day and hope many people celebrate it with me :)
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    This is a poster by Lillith!
    Currently she's unable to log into the forum so I am posting for her^^


  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    Happy birthday Ryo who turns 29 this year!!! I'm just happy that we share the same month for our birthday XD

    Here's the link to the one-shot I wrote for Ryo^^

    Please read and review! Many thanks! <3
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    Here is a poster especially for Ryo! Happy Birthday!

  • Annie He Administrator
    Oh oh oh sexy good-looking Ryo we have here! The posters are awesome! Happy birthday to Ryo, the man who makes my friend the happiest woman in the world. ~_^ I've never watched your dramas but I'm interested in watching one of them some day. Any recommendations? =)
  • Lillith Evans Member, Graphic Designer
    YAYYY guys I sat there and figured out why I couldn't log on >< I was being stupid...but yesss B these are amazing :D <3 

    And Annie <333 I love his Last Friends and 1 Litre of Tears the most :D (but he was pretty cool in all of his dramas in general -> there's also Zenkai Girl XD which is a cute romantic comedy between a single dad and a lawyer)
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    Lillith: Omg Last Friends? =_= I don't want to watch violent Ryo :( 
    Annie: My first drama of Ryo's was 1 Litre of Tears. If you watch that make sure you have couple of boxes of Clenex :)
    Other ones I recommend are:
    Attention Please
    Ryusei no Kizuna
    Orthros no Inu
    JOKER Yurusarezaru Sosakan
    Zenkai Girl

  • Annie He Administrator
    Thanks for the recommendations! Ohhhh so Ryo was the male protagonist in Last Friends!!! =O I've heard of that drama because of the song Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru (which I love).

    1 Litre of Tears... so he was also the male protagonist? Wow, I didn't know. It's ironic because Last Friends and 1 Litre of Tears are both jdramas I wanted to watch but ended up choosing not to watch them because I didn't want to cry/be disturbed.
  • ryo freaked me out in Last Friends and i LOVED it. goes to show he is a great actor ^^
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    @Daisy: Maybe I should still watch the drama even though it would freak me out too... lol
  • Ryo's new drama is pretty good. Should try that one out
  • Annie He Administrator
    @Tanniyah What is his new drama?
  • I think its that fortune teller one.
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