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Blossy x Nishikido Ryo

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Everything started because of him. Friendship. Heartbreak. And most of all Love.

Ayumu Hamano had wanted nothing to do with him at first. She didn't like how he tried to flirt with her only after flirting with another girl. But that man was very persistent. Everything she did or everywhere she went, he was always there. In both good times and in bad times.

And slowly Ryo Nishikido crept into her heart.

They started off as friends because Ayumu was still wary of him. She still didn't know how he felt.

Then her heart broke when he introduced her to his girlfriend.

Devastated, Ayumu left for England where she got a job. She had at first declined it but now seeing Ryo with another girl she took the opportunity to get away. But before she did, she left him a note.

= I wish you all the best for the future with your girlfriend and if it doesn't work out, the girl who wishes to spend the rest of her life with you. I just wished it was me. Love Ayumu =

Ayumu had thought she wouldn't see Ryo ever again. She had no plan on returning back to her home country. But here he was, standing in front of her with a huge grin on his face.

"What are you doing here?" she asked in confusion. She hoped to God he didn't come here with his girlfriend.

"Well, I came here to be with the girl who wants to spend the rest of her life with me," he responded nonchalantly.

She groaned. "You brought your girlfriend with you? Where is she?"

"Right in front of me."

Ayumu gasped. She cast both a dubious and longing look at him. "Me?" Then, "What about your girlfriend?"

Ryo shook his head in disappointment. "There was no girlfriend, Ayu. That girl was my friend who agreed to help me to pretend to be my girlfriend. I wanted to see if you get jealous or had any feelings for me. I just didn't know that you would cowardly runaway like this."

"I-I didn't runaway," she stammered.

"It doesn't matter," he went on. "I now know you love me and I sure as hell love you."

Ayumu was stomped. "What kind of confession is that?"

He chuckled. "I love you, Ayu."

A smile crept up on her face. "I love you too, Ryo."


  • Awww this was so cute! And pretending to have a girlfriend so romantic comedy like lol. This was really cute, Blossy!
  • So I just read the rules for this thread... hehe (⌒_⌒;) and here is how Ayumu and Ryo met (in my head :P

    Ayumu cursed herself for the tenth time in the last hour. It was it was dark night outside her car, her headlights the only light source in sight. She looked out her slightly foggy window. Why had she insisted on going back home that same night? What had possessed her to do that? She could have stayed at her mother's (put up with her nagging for a few hours) and ride home in the morning with the sun shinning and birds singing and the outside not looking like her very own horror movie waiting to happen.

    She drove a few more miles before the car made a sputtering sound and then it lurched and staggered until it finally stopped in the middle of nowhere. Ayumu let out a loud frustrated yell. This was not happening to her.

    The car lights went out next, and the heating went with them. And of course her cell had no signal. She let out a frustrated groan. She was about to cry with impotence when she remembered there was a town up ahead, she was sure of it. She had drove passed it every time she visited her mother. She had never gone inside it, if she wanted to see a small boring rural small town, she would visit her own.

    However, no matter how boring, small or rural the place was, it must have had at least a phone to get someone to fix her car. 

    She took a deep breath and put on her sweater and warm coat, preparing herself for the cold night and stepped out of the car and started walking.
    She was not sure how long she had been walking, it felt like four hours, it had probably been 30 minutes.

    "What the hell am I doing here? I should have stayed in the car. I would have frozen there," she said to herself just for the purpose of hearing something in the isolated and silent road. Talking chased part of her fears away and stopped her head from reliving every horror and crime movie and tv program she had watch.

    She finally reached the small town. She looked at her watch it was midnight, of course the streets were deserted. There were a few lights but everything was mostly in shadows. She could see a couple of houses, but she could already tell they were few and far between. Town was too grand a word for this place. Village was a too grand word too.

    What should she do? Just walk up to the first house and just knock? What if she knocked on the door of someone with a gun? Or the door of a serial killer?

    Ayumu shook her head. She was not in a movie. 

    Still hesitant, she walked to one of the houses. At first she thought of just walking up to the entrance and simply walk, but she was still not sure. The cold and the dark wasn't helping either.

    The house she had decided on had a back yard which was easily accessible. She went round back to try to take a look inside from a window. If the place looked normal, she would knock.

    she walked stealthily round the back, slowly without making any noise until she stabbed her foot against something big and metal and her whole body followed. She fell tipping over the big metal trash can with what seem a deafening sound in the silent night.

    Her hand flew to her head; she had hit it pretty hard but she didn't seem to be bleeding. Her head whipped up when she noticed the lights in the house come on. She tried to get up, but her ankle hurt and she was a little wussy. Great, a concussion probably.

    There was the sound of a door opening. She froze. A concussion was the least of her problems, she would be shot, she knew it! She closed her eyes tightly, preparing Why hadn't she stayed at her mother's?

    "Who the hell are you?" A husky, rough voice asked.

    "Please don't shoot me!"

    "Shoot you? Are you insane?"

    Ayumu opened only one eye and then slowly the other one when she saw a man stooping over her. He did look angry but not all together threatening.
    "Who are you?" He repeated, more slowly this time, as if he thought she might not understand.

    "Um, I'm Ayumu," she answered.

    "And what are you doing here?"

    "My car."

    "I'm gonna need more than that or I'm calling the police."

    "What? No! My car broke down and my cell doesn't work so I thought I could borrow a phone here in town."

    "And to do that you needed to sneak into my parent's backyard and make a mess?"

    "Well, I had to make sure I wasn't knocking on a serial killer's door," she murmured embarrassed, now that she said it at loud it sounded so stupid. The man would most probably thing her crazy and turn her away. She sniffed and moved her scarf a little higher on her face, covering her now running and bright red nose.

    She waited for the man to shout at her and tell her to get the hell out of her property, as most people would have probably done. But when she heard a peal of laugh coming from the stranger she looked up wide eyed.
    "You are weird," she laughed.

    "Who is it, Ryo chan?"

    Ayumu looked towards the voice, which came from an older man, he was around 55 or maybe 60. Behind him there was a woman of around the same age.

    "Just a girl whose car broke down."

    Before anybody could say anything, a small boy came running out and stopped right in front of her and without saying anything he lowered the scarf and looked at her.

    "Uncle, she is pretty, even with the red nose," the boy, who couldn't be more that 5 or 6, said. 

    The man laughed again. "I can see that."

    "Are you going to ask her out?"

    Ayumu's jaw dropped. Okay, I'm dreaming, Ayumu thought, this could not happen in the real world. Why hadn't she stayed at her mother's?

    "I don't even know her, and shouldn't make sure she doesn't freeze before we talk about anything?" The man said and the boy nodded seriously.

    "Come on Ryo chan, get her in, or we'll all freeze. You too Tarou kun, you are only wearing your pajamas!" The woman spoke up.

    "You heard my mom. Come on, you can warm up inside and in the morning we'll get someone to fix your car."

    "Um... I hurt my ankle," she said with a small embarrassed smile. The man helped her up and helped her walk with an arm around her waist.

    "I'm Ryo, by the way. Nishikido Ryo."

    "Hi, Nishikido san..."

    "Uncle!" The little boy called from inside. "You should ask the pretty lady out. Mom says you need a girlfriend because you need to get laid!"

    Ryo froze next to her and Ayumu could see he was turning red and his small eyes were round with shock.

    "Tarou kun!" The woman exclaimed.

    "Grandma, what is "laid"? And how do you get it?"

    "I'll have a talk with your mother," the woman said and dragged the reluctant boy inside.

    Ayumu just started laughing. The whole situation was so implausible. 
    She was finally helped inside by Ryo.

    The next day, she would get someone to fix her car. The house and the town wouldn't look so creepy. She would learn Ryo actually lived in Tokyo and not that far from her apartment. And he did finally hear his nephew and asked her out. As it turned out, there had actually been a reason for her not to stay at her mother's house.

    (Tarou kun still doesn't know what "laid" is and still has no idea where one would get such a thing)
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    Okay so I already said this in FaceBook but I will say it here too.
    This really made my day. It's been a while someone wrote something for me and I was really touched. Thank you!
    I thought the personality of the character really meshed with me and Tarou was just so cute!
    LAID!!! LMAO
  • I'm so happy you liked it!! So even though we haven't talk much I got your personality :P hahaha. And I thought Ryo would be so cute with a nephew hehe 
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    It was cute! ^^
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