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The RPG Category is now open!

Annie He Administrator
edited September 2012 in Announcements
The RPG category is now OPEN! EVERYONE (authors and readers) is welcome to participate! This is a good opportunity to improve your writing skills or just to have fun! If you'd like to role-play a character or a celebrity with your AFF friends, please do so and have fun! Make sure you read and understand the rules though. (And yes, you can also make your own rules when you create a new RPG.) 


  • YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! *doing pom pom dance* I have no idea how to use it tho :3 but its cool i have the opportunity.

    Thanks Annie ^^
  • Lillith Evans Member, Graphic Designer
    I want to start one! But kinda wanna know if anyone is interested and in what genre :)
  • @Lillith ... I would be... interested... maybe... hehe... but i dont know what i can be interested in :/
  • Lillith Evans Member, Graphic Designer
    Hmmm thats what I'm thinking too usually when I used to RP i used to have it so easy XD i would just pick a character from Harry Potter and we'd go wild with it....

    We could do a massive crack head Drama RP? With every character having to come from a Drama ??(Annie?? whatchu think :D?)
  • Well, I think it's a great idea. You're free to do whatever you want in the RPG category. =D You can RP characters from drama, anime, manga, movies, Harry Potter, crossovers, etc. Anything you want.
  • That would be awesome Lillith! And crazy! 

    I would love to RP as well on a one on one basis. I would be willing to rp a guy as long as you rp a guy for me as well. Besides avoiding the traditional mary sue situation. Right now I am open to any storylines so suggest away. Forgive me as well since I have been rusty for awhile. 
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