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How did you get into Asian Entertainment?

Annie He Administrator
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So, how did I get into Asian Entertainment?

This seems like a stupid question since I'm Asian myself. :)) but mind you I know a lot of Asian young people who dislike Asian Entertainment. They think it's not cool and they prefer American stuff. I know that Canadians are easily influenced by the Americans but I just think it's sad that they don't want to embrace their culture. You can both appreciate your own culture and the American one, right? :)

Anyway, I got into Asian Entertainment ever since I was a kid... I don't remember how old I was but I remember my parents used to watch plenty of TVB dramas (Hong Kong dramas) and Taiwanese dramas. That's basically how every Asian kid gets introduced to Asian dramas. When I hit my teenage years, I discovered I would rather watch Asian dramas than the popular American TV shows. Why? I don't really know. Probably because I thought Asian dramas were far more interesting. ;;)


  • Hmm...awesome question...

    it's almost the same as Annie...I grew up watching Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Samo Hung, Andy Lao...All Kung Fu movies! LOL...I remember my first love was this boy from this one chinese movie which i don't remember anymore.  Only thing I remember was the Big Peach floating on the water and one of the boys turned his arms to an eagle's wings...the boys could transform to their animal spirit...I wish I remember that movie!!!

    Plus I'm Asian...if I fogot to mention that...hehehe...though I'm so obssessed with MERLIN and some American Shows right now...I'll still stick to my Asian movies and dramas...I can relate more...hehehe


  • How i got into asian entertainment?

    Haha, its so funny trying to think of the time before my drama addiction... They've helped me grow so much 

    Soo... I'm a scout. Im actually a closet scout (thats a term me and my friend use) meaning im basically a scout but i never show my face in the public scout thingies (trips and stuff where there are lots of other scouts) or tell people im a scout.

    And that is not relevant for you to know xD but i told you anyways.

     Be grateful, you know more of meeeee *jumps around clapping*

    sorry about this... im kinda hyper and über tired at the same time so i make no sense. (btw dont you just love the word über? At least I do haha)

    Well anyways i was in my scouts group meeting like a year and a half ago ago, maybe? I think its actually been longer than that.... and we were just hanging out like always, mostly we gossiped and talked about deep stuff sometimes (AND DRANK TEA!! just an FYI lol) Then our group leaders told us about this hilarious japanese show they had been watching and one thing led to another and they decided to show us the first episode of that drama (it was Hana Yori Dango).

    So at first we were all watching it like: What the hell is this? xD Who'd wear clothes like that??? BWAHHAHAA see those embarrassing shoes? i dont even recognize they're faces... Does anyone remember their names, they all look the same? 

    I mean the plot was just so absurd to us, we had never seen anything like that before. It was like a whole new world. A very interesting new world i might add ;)

    SO by the end of that meeting i think i had developed a small addiction...

     Cause when i got home i continued watching immediately. I watched to the fourth episode i think? and the next day i hurried home from school to watch more as soon as possible. (I ran to the door xD)
     And then after two weeks i had finished watching Hana yori dango season 1 and 2 aand the movie. 
    (oh and i had also fallen in love with Oguri Shun, i mean the man is god... it would have been inhuman of me not to)

    After finishing it i felt empty.  What do I do now? I had so much free time...

    And I used it to google Oguri Shun <3 and then i found out he had acted in a drama called Hana Kimi....

    And that is when there was no turning back anymore. My love for Oguri and j-dramas just grew stronger. I watched all the j-dramas i could find that interested me in the least until i couldnt find any anymore... theennn while waiting for a new episode of Ikemen desu ne... I found You're beautiful. 

    So i started watching k-dramas and eventually a few tw-dramas :)

    I still cant really say which i like best K, J or TW. They're all so different to me. I mean j-dramas took my drama virginity and they say you never forget your first ;) but then again i love the melodramas in the koreans and tw-dramas... i just like the ones i like xD

    And nowadays i dont really watch american or any other shows really, i havent watched dramas that much either in a while :/

    Sorry for making this so long and full of weird nonsense... i bet i even forgot things xD
  • @eyeslikeatoms wow! you're a scout?! I am a scout too! well, not active anymore, but you know the saying 'once a scout, always a scout.'  LOL...but I was a very active scout...i became the head scout during my junior year and planned all the camping and all activities i could make...hahaha...i spent most of my time camping and going to training than in my classes...wahahaha...
  • Lillith Evans Member, Graphic Designer
    LOL <3 @eyeslikeatoms your story is very cute :D @Annie you don't like any American shows whatsoever :( ? at all? really? some of them i find are still really good :) (LIKE SUITS <3 if you guys haven't seen it go watch like one episode <3 just one and you're hooked XD

    My story starts off with my obsession for Harry Potter :) when I was young I would basically spend my summers inside reading fanfiction, one summer I started reading a fanfiction called Crossing into Chaos by Emeral_Eyes on 

    And that was it. I was obsessed. Draco was so ridiculously stupid but also so lovable in all his power craze and the way he would get jealous of Blaise whenever he was hanging out with Ginny was just so adorable (and Blaise was cute too but w.e. okay we're focusing on Draco here). And I was getting really pissed waiting for chapters. I was like...where the fuck are the chapters?! Thats when I sauntered over to the review section where I saw the author had review replied telling someone that her basis for this show was an anime show called Hana Yori Dango. 

    Now at that point in time, a little website called where I'd found a lot of fanvideos for Harry Potter (it was so new that as usual I introduced my friends to youtube T.T). I decided to go find the anime and at first I was like EW. this is Draco's character? HE'S GROSS. 

    But I kept watching...and then my sister started watching and then we spent all night until 3am watching it even with our shitty internet connection and the bugs in the basement.. and then was over.

    And I cried. I cried a lot I didn't know what to do with my life because Summer wasn't done yet and like I really missed Tsukasa (fictional character withdrawal). I would just go on youtube and rewatch changed their layout and they suggested a video on the side that had real people in it...and so I was like okay yeah I'm curious. 

    THEN I GOT TO MEET MATSUFREAKING JUN. Finished the show in like three days...then I was sad and lost again but they announced another one was coming soon so I was like oh man I'm good I'm good. 

    So I started watching other shows...but when HYD 2 came out I dropped them all and watched it religiously...then there was Hana Kimi, Liar Game, Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, then there was HYD 2 again because I realized Junpei was not just some asshole but the hot ass hell Nakatsu (who I had fallen in love with :D because I liked dorks)

    and then one day that Youtube site XD introduced me to Goong. I was like O.O OMG THIS LOOKS INTERESTING. And there went my heart for Joo Ji Hoon (who I've since gotten over) and Yoon Eun Hye. Then there was Coffee Prince and I was like hmmm (and my mom had gotten into Goong pretty hardcore) so we watched Coffee Prince and fell in love with Gong Yoo and- yeah I'm gonna stop talking :) because otherwise we'll go on forever...but yeah :D this is my asian introduction story.
  • Well, I had a remarkably boring story compared to all of ya'lls! Anyways, I'll share below:

    You know that phase every pre-teen girl goes through? That one where they bridge up from wearing t-shirts and holey jeans to make-up and jewelry? Well, I was in the middle of that phase and looked up some Youtube videos of make-up and hair-styles. Then, I found Bubzbeauty, a makeup and hairstyle guru. On one of her videos (it was really old!) called 3 Minute Spring Updo, there was this beautiful piece playing in the background. I fell in love at ONCE. Though I didn't know the words to the song, it was something about the singers that drew me in. They seemed to sing with their souls, truly putting their hearts into the music. At the time, I did not develop my own style of music. Literally, I just copied what everyone else thought was popular, listening (and pretending to like) to everything.

    The song turned out to be Fight The Bad Feeling by T-Max. I watched a video on Youtube that had the song playing in the background. To be honest, it just seemed like another angsty drama. Back then, I had a very narrowed perspective of Asian Dramas. I thought they were like the stereotypical American day-time dramas, you know, those lame series with bad actors. I didn't give much thought to watching the drama in actuality, until I saw HIM.

    HIM turned out to be Kim Hyun Joong, an actor who played Yoon Ji Hoo in the drama Boys Over Flowers. He was the one who brought me into K-Drama. To be honest, I thought he was the hottest, coolest, most amazing man ever. The video I watched was of a trailer for BOF, which is now deleted today. In it, it seemed that they portrayed Ji Hoo as an antagonist, which he isn't! Either way, I couldn't find Episode 1, so I started at Episode 21. Crazy, right? I watched the drama religiously until the end, at which I went back and watched from Episode 1. I was ADDICTED. Korean dramas literally filled my blood; I was thinking Gu Jun Pyo in math (his 1+1=3) and thinking Ji Hoo in Band (I wish I chose the violin, not the flute!). 

    Right after that, I went into mild sulking-mode because it was over. Then, I found Hana Yori Dango and watched it again! After that, it was back to Korean for Playful Kiss, My Princess, You're Beautiful, Love Rain, BIG, Coffee Prince, We Got Married, etc, etc, etc.

    I cannot picture my life without my Korean and Japanese Entertainment. Truly. They are such a part of my life: my diet, fashion, personality, language, etc. that it seems I would be a different person without them!! :)

  • I've always been an Asianophile. I grew up watching anime and sentai shows. (Flashman!!!) So it was a natural progression to Japanese dramas. I started on Korean entertainment when my penpal sent me a Shinhwa cassette (T.O.P the 2nd album - cassette ya'll that's how old it was) and I was a Shinhwa addict since then. 

    My introduction to Johnnys was by Takuya Kimura in his drama "Long Vacation"... or was it "Love Generation"? I can't remember. Then when Beautiful Life came out I became obsessed with SMAP and through them, V6 and always had a thing for Ohno because he was initially suppose to be part of V6.

    But then Arashi debut and I was like heeeeyyy these guys are my age group.
    Sakurai Sho crept onto my bias list when he made it into Keio University. (I have a weakness for brainy guys).
    So yeah

    My Korean drama addiction probably started with Han Jae-suk on his drama "Models". It was a slow boring drama but man was Jae-suk oppa one fine piece of work.
    The I met Kim Rae-won for his movie "" and his drama "My Love Patzi".
    Since then I've been a big follower of Korean dramas. Though I have to say, "Reply 1997" has shot to the top of my best-drama-of-all-times list.
    EVERYONE and EVERYONE should watch it.
  • The I met Kim Rae-won for his movie "" and his drama "My Love Patzi".
    Since then I've been a big follower of Korean dramas. Though I have to say, "Reply 1997" has shot to the top of my best-drama-of-all-times list.
    EVERYONE and EVERYONE should watch it.
    Daisy!!!! I loved Kim Rae-won in My Love Patzi and Reply 1997 made it into my all time favorite Kdrama list as well. ^_^v
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