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"Guess Who" Series by BlossyReviews: 21 – Stories: 2

A Game.

The character will tell a story with three hints in it about himself/herself. You have to guess who he/she is and also guess what the three major hints were.
Category: Japanese Entertainment, Korean Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment, Original Fiction – Characters: None

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Hamano Siblings Collection by BlossyReviews: 25 – Stories: 4

Hikari Hamao the youngest brother always has to deal with his older sister Ayumu Hamano as she can be forgetful and also dense most the time.
Category: Japanese Entertainment, Original Fiction – Characters: Kanjani8: Uchi Hiroki

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Collection of my one-shots, not Yamaki related
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Characters: Ikuta Toma, Inoue Mao, Miura Haruma, NEWS: All members

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Yamaki One Shots by ChristineReviews: 18 – Stories: 2

A collection of Yamaki one shots
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Characters: Horikita Maki, NEWS: Yamashita Tomohisa

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Public Love by ShwetaReviews: 4 – Stories: 2

Everybody loves Love Stories. Everybody wants Love Stories. But enough with the love stories on celebrities. Enough with the 'We're Just Friends' nonsense.
Channel 24seven gives you three live love stories. Are you game?
Public Love
Category: Taiwanese Entertainment – Characters: Ariel Lin, Joseph Cheng

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Dance In The Dark by Anna ClairReviews: 37 – Stories: 4

To hurt. To cry. To feel anguish. Pretending to live happily in an unhappy world. This is Dancing In The Dark.rnrnNow including Original Fiction as well as Japanese Entertainment fiction.
Category: Original Fiction, Japanese Entertainment – Characters: None

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Born Rich by AdminReviews: 0 – Stories: 1

Stories related to "Born Rich" (hkdrama)
Category: Hong Kong Entertainment – Characters: Anita Yuen, Gallen Lo, Jamie Chik, Kenix Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Ray Lui, Sharon Chan

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Sailor Fuku to Kikanju by AdminReviews: 0 – Stories: 1

Stories related to "Sailor Fuku to Kikanju" (jdrama)
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Characters: Koizumi Kyoko, Nagasawa Masami, Ogata Ken, Tsutsumi Shinichi

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