V.I., D-Lite, and T.O.P are the newest trainees at The Academy; an institution designed to train soldiers for the impending war. They train both body and mind while the scientists track their progress...
-The Academy, a story by SouthWest

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Runaway Daughter by Blossy -- Rating: K starstarstarstarstar -- Chapters: 33 -- Reviews: 214 Updated!

She was a prisoner in her own home.
She may love her father but she needed her freedom.
Running away is her only solution.
Ayumu Hamano starts a new life.
She gets a job, meets a friend and a possible first love?
And all the while trying to hide from her three bodyguards her father sent to find her and bring her back.
Category: Japanese Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment -- Drama/Series: None -- Challenges: None
Characters: Hideaki Takizawa, Ikuta Toma, JVKV: Jerry Yan, Mizushima Hiro, NEWS: Yamashita Tomohisa, Oguri Shun
Story Type: Novel -- Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance -- Warnings: Fictional Character(s)
Published: Sep 11, 2010 -- Updated: Jan 27, 2015 -- Word Count: 50906 words -- Read Count: 27569 -- Completed: No

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Dysnomia: The Night Order by Lil Daisy -- Rating: T starstarstarstarstar -- Chapters: 23 -- Reviews: 30 Updated!

Dysnomia - Named after the goddess of disorder, the organization was created to police the human world against the immortal realm. When top agent Kim Woobin was sent back to Seoul to investigate the death of his former partner and best friend Lee Jongsuk, he had not expected to be assigned a partner; especially not one in the form of beautiful, dangerous, and absolutely off limits Shin Mina.
Category: Korean Entertainment -- Drama/Series: None -- Challenges: None
Characters: Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, Shin Min Ah
Story Type: Novella -- Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy -- Warnings: Sexual References, Violence, Vulgar Language
Published: Jul 15, 2013 -- Updated: Jan 17, 2015 -- Word Count: 40021 words -- Read Count: 8445 -- Completed: No

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Live And Let Die by burningzoul -- Rating: M starstarstarstarhalf-star -- Chapters: 24 -- Reviews: 40 Updated!
She was an ordinary college girl trying to reach her dreams. He was an ordinary college boy trying to survive in his cruel world. They found love and comfort in each other. But when a door opens to the pathway to her dreams, he just had to step back. Because he might ruin it all for her. So he did, even if it means his own fall.
Category: Korean Entertainment -- Drama/Series: None -- Challenges: None
Characters: CN Blue: Lee Jong Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk
Story Type: Novella -- Genres: Drama -- Warnings: Fictional Character(s), Fluff, Sexual References
Published: Apr 12, 2014 -- Updated: Jan 14, 2015 -- Word Count: 55587 words -- Read Count: 397 -- Completed: No

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High School with Minako - One-Sided Love Arc by Blossy -- Rating: K+ starstarstarstarstar -- Chapters: 17 -- Reviews: 106 Updated!

Seishin High School, one of the top and richest schools in Tokyo, previously had only three floors until one more floor was added in the South Building, especially designed for Class D with only drop-outs in the family as students.

The once called “delinquents”, Class D have changed all because of a transfer student. Now everything around them revolves around Minako Tetsuji, the girl who accepts them for who they are.

But now that she had admitted to herself the feelings she has for Jin Akanishi, will it affect her relationship with everyone? Will she still be helping those around her who need it? And will Jin share mutual feelings or is it just one-sided love for her?

Join Minako and the gang for more trouble, pain and laughter in the Second Arc!
Crooked by Christine -- Rating: M starstarstarstarstar -- Chapters: 3 -- Reviews: 11 Updated!

Rich, spoilt brat who doesn't know what he wants but at the same time the only thing he wants he can't have...
Stuck in a mold he can't be bothered to get out of...
Goody two shoes girl who thinks everyone deserves a chance...
Wants to help people but she needs help the most...
Life isn't black or white...
It's grey.
It isn't straight or round...
It's Crooked.
Category: Korean Entertainment -- Drama/Series: None -- Challenges: None
Characters: Big Bang: All members, Big Bang: G-Dragon, Big Bang: T.O.P, Kim Woo Bin
Story Type: Novel -- Genres: Angst, Crime, Drama, General, Humor, Romance -- Warnings: Dark, Drugs, Explicit sexual scenes, Fictional Character(s), Fluff, Sexual References, Violence, Vulgar Language
Published: Dec 31, 2013 -- Updated: Dec 29, 2014 -- Word Count: 4436 words -- Read Count: 125 -- Completed: No

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