Written for “The Next Generation Challenge"Nickhun and Victoria were married even before they got married.  But this was not the hardest part for Nickhun since he had a greater dilemma: for them to...
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AFF Summer Fic Exchange 2014

Let's spice up the summer!
Would you like to be a Secret Friend for the AFF Summer Fic Exchange 2014?
What's an AFF fic exchange?
A fic exchange is all about giving and receiving. Each participant is a requester AND a Secret Friend.

Writers who wish to participate must submit a list of 3 requests. I will randomly assign each requester to a Secret Friend. Every Secret Friend can only choose one request (story) to write.
Why is it exciting?
  • You don't know who your Secret Friends is.
  • You don't know which request (story) you're getting. (It's a secret gift!)
  • To become a participant (Secret Friend), you must be an AFF writer (you have at least one approved story).
  • Story must be a one-shot of at least 1000 words.
  • The...
posted by Admin
Jul 19, 2014 04:51 PM
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  • True Sight by Prayerz4dabored Updated! (rated T)
    Kang Mimi is an outcast - the school freak.Kim Jongin is the new kid - the pretty boy.She can't see past her pain.He only wants to be like everyone else.They meet. And they find in each other what they didn't know they'd been looking for.Acceptance.And...
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  • Dysnomia: The Night Order by Lil Daisy Updated! (rated T)
    Dysnomia - Named after the goddess of disorder, the organization was created to police the human world against the immortal realm. When top agent Kim Woobin was sent back to Seoul to investigate the death of his former partner and best friend Lee Jongsuk...



New member? Please introduce yourself here. We don't bite. =D
nitelotus Sep 22, 2014 05:43 pm
I don't know why the link wouldn't post but just private message me if you want the link. Thanks!
nitelotus Sep 22, 2014 05:42 pm
Hi to all the new members! Sorry I have been away for awhile but the last few months have been crazy with work AND attending the Arashi Blast in Hawaii concert! My concert report can be found here: 1553836?notif_t=like and my pictures are here: 1829.532008773&type=3 . Just wanted to share the Arashi fangirl love!
Chrisa Sep 16, 2014 07:45 am
Hello, new members, and thank you for joining AFF! I hope you have fun here, at our shared fanfic home~ when reading stories, remember to leave reviews; writers love them reviews. Best of luck if/when you post your own stories~ oh, and step by our chat, so we can get to know each other better <3
Salmarose Sep 16, 2014 04:21 am
Hey i'm Salma but you can also call me Jolie or Sezy like my friends do. I'm a new member here and like to read & write fanfics. I'm very happy to meet you all. Hope we can be friends. Thx and fighting!!!
Lil Daisy Sep 11, 2014 10:15 am
Welcome to all the new members!
NimueEmrys Sep 10, 2014 05:53 pm
Hello call me me N, Nimue but not Emrys unless you're angry with me please Please to meet you all I hope to bring much and take as much from this lovely website, have fun everyone, kisses all Shout out for the cuties and hotties if you know what I mean
ApeironSlave Sep 8, 2014 09:14 am
hey! :D i'm the slave... hehe not upload any story yet. but, im very excited now. whooop!!
justanothergirl Aug 28, 2014 12:20 pm
Hi xD I'm Justanothergirl and I'm new one of the new members xD
burningzoul Aug 19, 2014 09:34 pm
Hello new members! Welcome to the family. I would like to thank someone who just made my day because he/she gave me five stars for my story Survival Of The Fittest =D. Sadly this friend didn't leave an identity so I can't thank him/her specifically. But! This gave me the mood booster I need to continue this story. And I will finish it! Thanks again, my lovely readers!
burningzoul Aug 19, 2014 09:29 pm
Hiya guys! My new story is up! Check it out, 'kay? I'm in a good mood lately because CNBlue is currently releasing a new single plus a full album coming up in September. A full album consisted of 11 songs! How cool is that? Well I hope there are quite a handful of Boices out there who can understand how I'm feeling kkk...
biniBningPunkista Aug 16, 2014 07:45 am
@Annie, I'm not sure you've read my latest fic - it's short but I think you'll like it, office romance coming through! "Drabble in Seven Scenes" ^_^v
x_RukaKwon Aug 6, 2014 06:05 pm
Hello I'm RukaKwon I am a new member here :)
dove Aug 5, 2014 08:40 pm
ok...the link didn't work <_<
dove Aug 5, 2014 08:39 pm
I haven't been really active these days (sorry) but if you have time, please go to this video and click like. it's for a talent audition. thank you so much! (i hope the link works) ndex=12
Ericchi Aug 1, 2014 11:22 am
Hello! I'm Ericchi and I'm a new member :D newly revived fangirl soul ♥ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ ♥
Admin Jul 20, 2014 03:08 pm
@KaitiOnigiri, nuttineev, Anna Hwang: Hi! Welcome to AFF! I hope you enjoy your say here and please don't forget to leave comments on the stories you read. ~_^ They brighten up the authors' day and encourage them to write and update.
Admin Jul 20, 2014 03:05 pm
@biniBningPunkista: People say the animation is poor because the characters are less expressive. I prefer the new art style (reminiscent of the manga) and I thought the expressive faces in the original anime were too much and annoying so it doesn't bother me that the new anime is less expressive.
biniBningPunkista Jul 13, 2014 02:57 pm
In His Bed and After is updated and Inoue Mao One shots as well... after a long time I finally get to update. Teehee! ^_^v
biniBningPunkista Jul 13, 2014 01:41 pm
Hi KaitiOnigiri, nuttineev and Anna Hwang! Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your stay. Do chat up with us sometimes at chatango. :)
Anna Hwang Jul 13, 2014 01:09 pm
Hello everyone, I'm Anna and and I'm a New member! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
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